More on Univ. of Wisconsin polling - to suck up or not to suck up?

Posted On: Tuesday - February 21st 2023 9:50AM MST
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... that's the survey question.

A week ago, we showed some polling data from the University of Wisconsin student body that demonstrated how anti-Liberty and downright Communistic these young people are. ("How they are indoctrinated", I could say instead.) The information Peak Stupidity used was taken from this Steve Sailer post:*

I want to comment here on one more of the poll questions.

I had to shrink-to-fit, so, I'll repeat the graph title in text here: Percent of students who have not expressed their views because they worried the instructor would give them a lower grade.

The way it's worded means it could have been any Professor of any class in 4 years who had a Totalitarian attitude that discouraged the pollee from speaking up. Here are the answers grouped and averaged by student ideology:

Anyone who's spent time at a university, even going back 40 years, would have seen which particular fields of study ("study" nowadays being defined kind of loosely) have the more ctrl-left Professors The ctrl-left is not tolerant and doesn't even claim to be "liberty loving" these days, and going back to since they got complete control of the Institutions and became The Establishment. OTOH, part of being a Conservative, at least on the old-America-style Libertarian side of it, means one is tolerant of differing opinions.

So those handful of Conservative Professors aren't the ones directly or indirectly threatening the students with lower grades if they speak up in opposition. The ctrl-left ones are. So, there's your graph. It's not that the "Very Lib" contingent are so much more courageous than, or care about grades less than, the "Very Con" contingent. They just have the entire Establishment, including most Professors, on their side.

Going along with the economic factors - the worthlessness of most "Liberal Arts" and "Studies" degrees along with the huge amount of taxpayer money students are borrowing, there's another reason to either major in Science, Engineering, IT, or Math these days or just not attend a university. It's 2 things at once. One will not just stay away from most of the modern Woke stupidity, but one doesn't have to worry about it much if it pops up, and he isn't about to take it bending over.

To explain better, firstly, the Professors in STEM** are still generally more Conservative. The people that end up teaching Engineering or Math simply cannot be as dumb as most of those teaching Womyn's Studies or Psychology. Therefore, they don't fall for the Woke stupidity (though they may still be cowardly about it). Just as importantly, the STEM classes have objective rather than subjective subject matter. Yeah, this one Math Prof may be a left-wing kook and gets pissed off when you disabuse him of his political stupidity. However, if you solve the Differential Equation correctly, well, it's right. PERIOD. What can the guy do?

How to get those easy A's in those 10 electives you also took to meet girls in as lectured to by the Woke ctrl-left types, now that's another story. Do you suck it up or raise hell? Depends on your GPA, I guess.

PS: We briefly mentioned 3 weeks back in Chinese v American U-Students - Round 2: Current Campus, one fun activity for a grad student who is allowed to "audit" other classes - meaning no extra tuition and no grade - just for learning and .. heh, yeah, that's the ticket. This activity would be your auditing of the sickest, wokest class of the sickest, Wokest Professor at the whole school. You raise your hand a lot to argue anything you don't damn well agree with. Fun would be had by all! ... errr, you and your friend and hopefully a handful of regular student sympathizers! What would happen next? PS Legal says we shouldn't have even mentioned this to begin with.

* BTW, pro-White activist Jared Taylor posted Women Are the New Thought Police a day later, based on the same poll and also on The Unz Review. Mr. Taylor's style is different from iSteve's, but I like it, and there are 290 comments there (I haven't read) vs. iSteve's ~190. (Ron Unz put Jared Taylor's post up top for a day or two.)

** I really don't like the term much.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - February 23rd 2023 6:17AM MST

Anthropology at work: the expression longhouse for: Places dominated by women's - - - talkativity/bad-mouthing/communicative energy/ wokism...- I'm curoious where that leads us to?
Wednesday - February 22nd 2023 7:17PM MST
PS: Mr. Tell me wrote: "Read about a religious school getting ready to drop all curriculum regarding religion, well then you are no longer a religious school." The Catholic schools are getting pretty close to that. A teacher there told me how one long-term religion class instructor got fired for showing video of Moslems acting like Moslems. This was at least 7 years ago.

Regarding your Packer Head, do you refer to the Cheese Head foam hats? I bought one of those for a friend, either in Green Bay or Appleton, I forget.
Yes Sir I Will Do What You Tell Me
Wednesday - February 22nd 2023 4:59PM MST
PS Read about a religious school getting ready to drop all curriculum regarding religion, well then you are no longer a religious school.
Not sure if it was for tax abatement reasons, some sugar from Uncle in DC or just WOKE stupidity.
Wisconsin? Bwahaha! Cheese Wheels, Packer Heads and truly tasteless Dahmer jokes with an extra large Wiehenstephaner beer mug from the roadside stand with a huge cheese brick!

Wednesday - February 22nd 2023 6:35AM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. Blanc and The Alarmist, for those personal histories. Interesting comment on the female mindset, Dieter. I also thank our volunteer "purchasing" department for adding items to the Peak Stupidity library. (Hmmm, that's an idea for when/if I ever work on the website itself.) One of the links you left a few days ago, Adam, is something I wanted to read very soon. Thanks again!
Wednesday - February 22nd 2023 6:29AM MST
PS: I can believe that, SafeNow, but that sure is bad parenting (just the example it sets too). It also show the power of numbers, or lack of it, if you try to go it alone*. Some of these school board meetings I've seen videos have parents sticking together, with a much better outcome for their kids. (They can't flunk them all.)

Anyway, we don't plan to be involved in any government High School stuff at all.

* Going at it alone isn't a bad thing anyway, as it sets a great example for the kids, but, yeah, you may have to pull them out of school or work hard at toughening them up - "sticks & stones" and all.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - February 22nd 2023 3:34AM MST

Appropo female thought police...
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 8:33PM MST
PS: A Plague of Caterpillars: A Return to the African Bush

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 4:47PM MST
Women tend to appease/ conform/ make others conform and are less prone to debate/ engage in conflicts about all kinds of technical/principle differences.

This is all fine & well since it serves the biological imperative to be fruitful & multiply, as we read in a rather old canonical teext.

But is has also its limits.Especially when it comes to being principled and to support free speech and open debates 'n' stuff.

So - Jared Taylor is wrong in a way: women are not the new thought police. They are just that: The thought police.

One anthropological question that arises is the tendency of women to badmouth others. That and all that follows from that is connected to the thought police stuff.

Beig a witch was not only about being benign.The witch-hunts did serve a purpose.That is mostly overlooked in anthropological studies of medeival/early modern times especially.

One ethnographer who gets that stuff at least in parts is Nigel Barley (The Caterpillar Plague - great book! - and very entertainign/ amusing!).

I hesitate to name more. Hans-Peter Duerr - Traumzeit- is a candidate, as is - Paracelsus, who did write about witchcraft. Maybe also the classic Hexenhammer.

In our times, Jordan B. Peterson explained in great detail that yes indeed: It is a dwonside of women's psychological physiognomy (?engl. word, I hope)/set up: Their ability to badmouth people is their most powerful weapon.
- Maybe Camille Paglia knows some stuff in tis direction too -I'd have to look that up.
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 2:44PM MST
PS My higher ed days are now fifty years in the past. This was during Vietnam and Cibil Rahts days, but politics were simply not discussed in classes. The faculty were largely Lefty, but my undergrad history prof thought that the franchise should be restricted to those with a net wealth of $1m (a million bucks was real dough in 1964-65) or an earned doctorate (none of those honorary things). I turned in a pro-Vietnam War paper in an ethics class, and got a decent mark, although I know that the prof was a bleeding heart lib. My views on the Vietnam adventure soon changed. I’m aware that everything has changed since then. The University of Chicago, where I was a grad student, shut down during the spring of the Kent State shooting. Still, politics didn’t intrude on my classes.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 12:11PM MST

Even in the ‘70s, my Uni was full of libtard commies. Back then , though, the chick libtards were largely still pretty, un-inked, and actively monitoring men for wrong-thought every moment of interaction, so even a right-wing engineering student like yours truly could get some action. So I dressed like John Lennon and wore a pair of rail-road tracks on my fatigue shirt (ironically I would be a captain a few years later), and occasionally dropped a few bon mots about the problems with capitalism and did ok with both the libtard ladies and the libtard profs who taught the core humanities crap you had to take regardless of your major.

I’d hate to be a White Male of European descent going through this torture today, because even if you could hold your tongue and keep your bearing while sitting though the mandatory indoctrination sessions, you’d still graduate into a market where you’d be at the end of the line for any job for which you might be qualified.
Tuesday - February 21st 2023 12:03PM MST

I can’t prove it, but I suspect that “disagree with woke = lower grades” has made its way into high schools. Parents refrain from speaking-up at school-board meetings, for fear that their children will be marked down. And, parents instruct their kids to parrot-back whatever wokeness their eachers say.
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