Segregation Now! Segregation Tomorrow! Segregation Forever!

Posted On: Monday - April 17th 2023 7:21PM MST
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- George Wallace ? Strikingly no. Black! students at Syracuse University in New York State.

The Instapundit likes to quote that old demand of the Southern White people who wanted to keep their world safe and sane. Let's note, BTW, that the old Southerners had nothing against voluntary integration at that. That's a point that doesn't get noted too often: Forced integration of the races was what the Civil Rites laws enforced, when it could have been a more sane (though still quite unConstitutional) policy of overriding any State laws that did involve mandatory segregation.

The Insta-man used this headline the other day to introduce an article from Campus Reform - one of Professor Reynold's many favorite sites - about some racial goings-on at Syracuse University. The article reports Students demand ability to select roommate based on race during days-long sit-in. It used to be "a man named Vito" that you didn't say no to, but now it's Black! people in general, but especially on campus, because the administrators are big cowards.
The Chancellor at Syracuse University has stated that he will actively work with a group of students who have issued several demands meant to address a racism issue at the school, including the institution of a new policy that would require students be offered an option to choose that their roommate share the same race.
I see no problem with that. The associated canteens or cafeterias could plan their sales items and menus accordingly. Well, I mean, unless you are some sort of newly-categorized race, as decided by the Feral Gov't, and there is no match on the whole campus. What then? Oh, I got it, go home!

The policy demanded by these activists at the sit-in has a catch though... always a catch with these people:
The demand to allow "students of color" to elect not to room with students of other races was one of several such demands issued by a group of protesting students who aired their concerns about racism on campus during an ongoing sit-in. Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud spoke at the sit-in in a live-streamed exchange.
Oh, White people can't elect to not room with students of other races? The gist of this one-sided demand is that it's only Black! people that have something to be scared of:
“The general consensus is that black students, and we’re talking specifically on behalf of Black students, may feel safer and better rooming with other Black students rather than... [some weird-ass terminology that I don't get... A snowflake thing... I wouldn't understand.]
Well, I grant you, it's true on today's campus that a White student no longer has to be afraid of a black roommate trashing his expensive $450 stereo with the Nakamichi speakers. Neither of them knows what is this "stereo" and speakers of which I speak. Still, there's other theft, rape, and knifings... It'd be racist for a White person to use those tired old excuses to demand segregation though.

The Black! students and their White fool followers (on behalf of the Black! cause) have been there since last November for this cause! Classes can wait, apparently.

Now, I don't expect everyone to read the whole article, but the last half has a slice of modern campus life, not all particularly to do with this sit-in. As you read, many people are paying taxes on their labor to pay for this:
The protestors enjoyed a visit from an emotional support dog and were provided with pizza by the university. Someone even brought toy blocks for students to play with. Protesters continue to shout-down university administrators when they try to field their questions.

“Let’s talk about spending $23,000 to have Sean Spicer come here,” one student yelled, referring to the university funding the College Republicans' hosting Sean Spicer this coming spring. “That’s gonna make me uncomfortable.”

This university has stolen my mental health,” she added. “You want me to pay full tuition that those white students are paying, for what? For a university that stole my mental health? I hate it here.”

Another student yelled “I hate it here,” and protesters joined him in chanting these words.

“My girlfriend could tell you how many times I sat down and cried in her f*cking arms,” he shouted.

A third student sitting in the crowd complained that she was supposed to be taught a course on “Critical Whiteness," but that “all [her] white professor did was make microaggressions to [her].”
This is not your Grandfather's 1960's sit-in here. My bolding is there to highlight Peak Campus Stupidity, or I sure as hell hope so ...

It may start small, like this, with and one-sided college roommate selection, but allowable voluntary segregation could make a comeback: Segregation now! Segregation next semester! Segregation through Graduation!

Monday - April 24th 2023 12:32PM MST

It's all so tiresome.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - April 19th 2023 5:35AM MST

Lulz ... it’s not lost on many that our most successful African American is a White dude.

I guess the Deep State decided in the selection of Musk as their pet project that DEI is the quickest way to die.
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 8:06PM MST

... The Elon Musk Story.

....... Coming soon to Netflixes near you.
....... Executive Producer: Adam Smith
....... Special appearance by: Steve Sailer
....... a Peak Stupidity Production.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 7:50PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Alarmist,

Tuesday - April 18th 2023 9:59AM MST

Self-segregation always occurs and always will. The only question is how how damage and aggregate dead-weight loss occurs along the way.

The bigger question is this:

Post-1970s-stock non-western "New Americans" now over two-to-one, and native-Blacks have not been increasing in number for decades.

The bigger problem than the Blackety-Blackety-Blackness problem (to paraphrase J Derbyshire) is the Regime's policy (non-policy?), attitude, and doctrines on Immigration. (Or "Migration," a word that seems to have displaced Immigration, and for the better I think; "Migrants" suggests constant uncertainty, flux, and non-rootedness, "immigrant" suggests more permanence).

As Mr. Blanc says, the New Immigrants include many elite types who know well how to do political game-playing and manipulation, and far more effectively than native-Blacks. I think some variants of the masses of South Asia have groups really specialized in this. But very many of these groups do this. Even Black-migrants from Africa and places do forms of this, but mostly everyone remains under Anti-White Coalition ("of the Fringes," per Sailer).
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 9:39AM MST
PS This is excellent. Segregation was better for both races, and if whites had had the good sense to pay at least lip service to the “equal” in “separate but equal”, we might still have it. Fortunately for us, the blacks are leading the campaign to bring it back. Unfortunately for us, we now have Chinese, .Indians, Latin Americans by the millions, Central Asians, Middle Easterners, and Sub-Saharan Africans to contend with. Our only hope would be to send them all back where they came from. As that’s hopeless, John Derbyshire has it right: We Are Doomed.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 6:23AM MST

OMG, yet another case of blacks being cast for White roles:,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 5:27AM MST
PS: I've had the same thoughts as the guy who made up that meme, Alarmist. It was more about the Founding Fathers and what they put on the line.

Good morning, readers!
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 5:25AM MST
PS: Holy Moley, Mr. Smith, that .pdf book was something else. It might end up being banned, yes, banned, I tell ya', from the Peak Stupidity library, were we ever to HAVE one. I'd burn it, yes, maybe I'm one of those guys, but how exactly do you burn .pdfs? The aren't flammable.

I tried to read a bit more than just the Table of Contents, but it was unreadable. This Duquesne University top graduate done good with his career in Anti-Whiteness.

I thought the book was going to be about White Gauze, as the history of gauze sounds a whole lot more interesting. NEVERMIND!
The Alarmist
Tuesday - April 18th 2023 2:58AM MST

Can we cut to the chase and give them their own universities? Naturally they’ll want the most prestigious, but it’s not like those are doing your average, White, tax-paying American families any good.

Adam Smith
Monday - April 17th 2023 8:16PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

Theft, rape, and knifing are not nearly as traumatizing as microracisms, the Murder of Emmett Till™, and the White Gaze...

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