MIT D.I.E. Apparatchiks not DIEing to Debate

Posted On: Thursday - May 4th 2023 10:24AM MST
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It's turning into Racial Awareness Month here at Peak Stupidity. We have not made the effort to register for a whole month on this, but there will be at least one more post, that one a doozy that may become a series.

From The College Fix, one of Instapundit Glenn Reynolds few dozen go-to sites, we can read from Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Kabbany that, oddly enough, the D.I.E. personnel on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology staff are not particularly interested in taking part in a debate to defend their field of endeavor.

You'd think they'd welcome the chance to show off the fruits of their careers. Nah, but, Miss Kabbany says A debate on DEI will be held at MIT. The university’s DEI deans refuse to participate.
An esteemed panel of scholars will tackle the question: “Should academic DEI programs be abolished?”

One group of individuals who will not be defending D.E.I. at the upcoming event is the phalanx of highly paid diversity, equity and inclusion deans at MIT.

They were asked. They declined.
It's hard to break away from the witch hunts and struggle sessions. I get that.
Among the nearly 100 MIT scholars asked to participate were: Alana Anderson, assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing; Nandi Bynoe, assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Engineering; Kuheli Dutt, assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Science; Tracie Jones, assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Monica Orta, assistant dean for diversity, equity, belonging and student support in the School of Architecture and Planning; Bryan Thomas Jr., assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion in the MIT Sloan School of Management; Ray Reagans, associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion at the MIT Sloan School of Management; and Beatriz Cantada, director of engagement for diversity and inclusion for MIT’s Institute Community & Equity Office.
So, don't drop any beakers in the chem lab, kids. All that costs money, and you see how much we need for the DIE program, don't you? These people don't come cheap!

Notice that these people are embedded, just as the Soviets and the Red Chinese had their Communist Party loyalist Apparatchiks embedded in the halls of power. Just as during those other Communist times, the idea is to have people in place to make sure there is no criticism of The System, whatever sick one is in place at the time.

Note, that, contrary what would have been the case in the Soviet and Red China eras, 6 out of the 7 mentioned "scholars" (Scholars? Haha!) are women and the man is Black!. (I just looked him up, and just to give you an idea of the numbers, from this first page I came to, MIT hired 6 more of these people in the 2nd Summer of the PanicFest, late June of '21 - D.I.E. staff are ESSENTIAL, ESSENTIAL, I tells ya'!)

Oh, yeah, about that debate. (It's not Peak Stupidity Adam Smith, but I'm sure he'd approve):
The April 4 debate, co-hosted by the MIT Adam Smith Society and MIT Free Speech Alliance and to be held in the Wong Auditorium, will instead feature an esteemed panel that includes pro-DEI debaters to be brought in from outside the campus community.
That might be part of the problem, their planning on holding the event in the Wong Auditorium. It'd be better to hold it in the White Auditorium. Moving White along... John Dozier, MIT’s chief diversity officer, worries:
"We also learned of a debate that will be happening on campus in a few weeks over what I think is an utterly false binary of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ versus ‘merit, fairness, and equality.’
Binary means true vs false. You can't have that. In D.I.E. world it goes RACIST! vs go-along-to-keep-your-job.

RESOLVED: MIT might be just slightly overstaffed in the D.I.E. area of scholarship, the budget must be balanced, and what the heck are they actually doing anyway.

PRO: "Thank you for allowing us to be h...."


"And... our judges have determined, that the debate has been settled and the premise is false. Thank you, come again ..."
Sorry, go on, Scholar Dozier:
A number of people, including me, were invited to participate in this event last year. We declined based on the framing, but it fueled our thinking about how to set the right conditions for a discussion — avoiding simplified versions of issues and concentrating on a format that will broaden attendees’ perspectives rather than on having one side ‘win,'” Dozier said in a March 15 news release announcing his own set of conversations to be held on campus.
Bwaaaack,bwaaaackkk, chicken! Well, at least he we will announce his own set of conversations. By "conversations" these people mean "lectures" with no time for Q&A. That's the Communist way. It's here. It's been here. More people need to realize exactly what kind of country they live in.

Saturday - May 6th 2023 8:56AM MST
PS: Honk, Honk, well, you know, she did such a good job on the border problem... Hey now, that's not sarcastic if you know how intentional it all is.

C&CB, for the nice HR ladies at Omni Corp: "Remember, it's not a lie if you believe it."

M, yeah, they don't believe anyone will ever really come after them. They are right, for now.
Saturday - May 6th 2023 7:02AM MST
Why would they participate? From their point of view, the question is irrelevant, like debating "Resolved: the force of gravity is too high. It shall be 6.0 m/s^2."

It's a power play, they're saying "We don't need to justify our existence."
Crayons and Coloring Books
Thursday - May 4th 2023 5:42PM MST
PS DEI stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. As a discipline, DE&I is any policy or practice designed to make people of various backgrounds feel welcome and ensure they have support to perform to the fullest of their abilities in the workplace. Diversity refers to the presence of differences within a given setting; in the workplace, that may mean differences in race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and socioeconomic background. Equity is the act of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual. Inclusion is the practice of making people feel a sense of belonging at work.

(Stolen from Omni Consumer Products HR page)
Honk Honk
Thursday - May 4th 2023 5:07PM MST
PS You are gonna love this!
Kamal is the AI Czar!
This Fundamental TRANSformation is pure comedy gold.
Do not get demoralized because even average intelligence is now above the drooling dullard hive.
You can see moves in advance of the fresh fruit for rotting vegetables who let the teevee think for them.
Thursday - May 4th 2023 4:07PM MST
PS: I agree, Mr. Hail. I was getting a little bit disappointed with Gov. DeSantis on this Israel-worship stuff, but I'm glad to hear he's still attaching the Wokeness. Slightly O/T, but I still see parents taking their children to Disney World. WTF is wrong with them? I know they know what's been going on - aren't they on a budget at that?

I agree, Mr. Blanc. I write sarcastically a lot, but I did understand that, yes, the people do know what useless appendages (or worse than useless) they are - at least most of them. That hurts, so they lash out...

KSS, "American Maoism" is pretty accurate. This is our Cultural Revolution. 1960s -'70s China, as stupid as it was, still had people who couldn't imagine the stupidity you see here now, and couldn't afford it either.
Thursday - May 4th 2023 4:00PM MST
PS: Dieter, you must be a very confident public speaker. Deutschland needs YOU to run for office, but please, please, don't say the words Negro or yellow star. Thanks for the interesting story - the first part - and the depressing part - the nationwide attach on this honest Professor.

BTW, what time zone are "you people" on, anyway. I was pretty sure it's still the 21st Century over in Germany too. (Maybe not politically...)
Kulak Struggle Session
Thursday - May 4th 2023 3:32PM MST
PS Best aggregator attention grabber title-Intersectionality is American Maoism.
You can add the DIE and ESG horse patty road apples to that.
Societies that are too stupid to exist deserve to be erased from existence.
The kindergarten safe space play pretend I identify as a mollusk therefore I'm no Rene Descartes terminal madness can't go on forever.
Just found a depiction of RD and he looks like that you keep using that word guy but older!
Thursday - May 4th 2023 1:04PM MST
PS Whilst these DIE folks are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, most of them are probably at least dimly aware that they make no contribution to accomplishing the original goals of places such as MIT. Some of them might even have the mental horsepower to see that their actions are in fact contrary to the original goals of places such as MIT. Indeed, their actions are explicitly designed to be contrary to the goals of places such as MIT. So, the brightest of them are surely going to spread the word that, “Hell no! We ain’t participatin’ in no d*mned debates!”
Thursday - May 4th 2023 12:46PM MST

"D.I.E. staff are essential"

They are often easy targets, I guess, but they are really Regime commissars. Politically, they are "essential," now, from a Regime perspective. To abandon the Diversity-o-crats would be a loss of prestige and 'face' for the Regime that would hurt bad.

The recent loss of popularity by DeSantis can be attributed to the Regime attacking him (along with the self-serving orange-haired demagogue), and interestingly I see it as from the same source.

Why do they attack DeSantis? The thing that "sticks" best is not his anti-lockdownism or anti-vaxxxx-mandate positions, nor even his illegal-immigration stunts. What "sticks" seems to be that DeSantis is dangerous and tiresome because he is feuding with the Gloriousu Wokeness Leviathan. They have depicted him as doing a stupid don-quixote routine against Righteous Diversity-ideology, and that seems to have worked.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - May 4th 2023 11:43AM MST

Well known German Mayor of (super-beautiful  - - -Tübingen, where I one had the pleasure to stand at the chancel of the famous Stiftskirche and give a speech  to five hundred baffled listeners, hehe - true, if not completely self-explaining, because I only corrected the speech and otherwise read a text of a super nervous friend, whose voice went over Jordan as soon as he thought of the audience of 500 Tübingers - so - - I jumped in - - -and talked about stuff I had just a little bit of an idea about, like french composer Messiaen and other high falutin stuff - - -I liked that though - - -)  - ahhh: Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer, an immigration critic in the Green party (=a croc in a butcher shop . . . ) - until last week - - - this week he left the Green party and this is why: He was at an immigration-critical conference at Franlkfurt University and he publicly attacked antifa protesters, who wanted to stop the conference and he - being aroused by their dumb attacks (as personal as possible and as far away from the truth too - that's how they proceed) - - - -ok Palmer opposed them publicly and  - - - - - did two things, that made all of Germany stand up agianst him like one man: 
No. 1: He said, theat the word negro is ok when used in historical contexts - - -
and - for those who think you can't top that: He said that the way the antifa is going against its critics would be a 1:1 copy of the Nazis handing out the Yellow-Stars for the Jews.

Palmer dared use the words Jew's Stars - - - & Negro - - -in public - - - even though he himself is not even quarter Jewish (most likely 1/16th or so Jewish - that he indeed is!). And that was it!!!No part-Jew can use the word Yellow Star and bring it into contexts not Jew-realted. This is sacrilege!

Physicist (!!!) and university president Professor Schleiff right away started what turned out to be the most impressive wave of anti-rational behavior in 23rd. century Germany! - This wave went through every TV-station and Newspaper-front-page and radio-station and the internet etc. pp.: Enemy of humankind!!! This ill-advised Palmer man, denigrator of the black people and minorities all over the world!! Racist!! Man of the moral quality of Hitler - - - - etc. pp. it would already take more than Mr. Hail's usual wordcount on his blog, to cover the avalanche of critique that hit the (very good, btw.) mayor of - super-trooper beautiful Tübingen this week. - So: Here we go. It's in every Western country. A Mega Phenomenon. - - - who is behind this woke curtain? - Laurie Anderson: Big Science - - - - Very Big Sciency stuff that here - - - it's true - - - .
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