SCROTUS and the alleged end of Affirmative Action

Posted On: Friday - June 30th 2023 3:16PM MST
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Because we live here! - SCROTUS

I too don't know what the caption was about - it just sounded bad-ass.

I saved the two pictures that appear in this post a few weeks or a month ago. They were to be used in a post about the ctlr-left's newfound interest in corruption on the part of Supreme Court Justices. This corruption hasn't been a problem for the last 50 years, amazingly. These concerns have cropped up since the year-ago ruling against the unConsitutional usurpation of yet more States' authority that was called Roe v Wade.

The ctrl-left is SHOCKED, and I mean SHOCKED, really, that this one branch of the US Gov't does not have to always push the country to the left. I mean, they've had pretty good control of the Legislative Branch via the UniParty (80-90% member coverage, higher in the Senate) for a few decades, total control of the Media Branch for about 25 years, control of the Executive Branch for arguably the last 30-40, with the exception of those 4 years, '17-'21 - that's what has made them VERY ANGRY ... VERY ANGRY INDEED.

Yep, that's all 4 branches. Now, somehow, the SCROTUS, top of the Judicial Branch, has wandered off the plantation. This latest ruling yesterday against the nearly 60 y/o-long government mandates of discrimination in hiring, promotion, and admission of White men, called Affirmative Action, has made them even ANGRIER. They are again, VERY ANGRY INDEED!

I'll put the 2 posts together: the ctrl-left's vendetta against SCROTUS and the effect of this latest ruling that tries to uphold the Constitution. (The nerve!)

First of all, let me say that the impetus for the lawsuit that resulted in this ruling, on admission to Ivy League universities, is not anything I care much about, other than any unConstitutionality. of it. The Ivy Leagues and half of the rest of the universities can burn, for all I care. (I would divvy up that fraction by schools and departments.) When it comes to forced discrimination in the job market and inside Big Biz, I care a lot. (See our series Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 and Part 5.)

Will yesterday's decision 6-2* SCROTUS decision "end it, not mend it", to reverse-a-phrase the President Clinton of 28 years back? I'm not as optimistic as some. I believe the ctrl-left minions are hashing out work-arounds in faculty lounges, HR/corporate meetings, and coffee shops as we write this post.

It's be great to see a blizzard of lawsuits against this > half-century travesty. However, I expect the words "racist", "sexist", "homophobe", and "xenophobe" to be tossed into the fray, making most plaintiffs, lawyers, and judges scurry under their covers. We'll see on this. It's good to hold out hope.

Right here, I would like to thank President Donald Trump for appointing 3 pretty decent Justices, Neil Gorsuch, Brent Kavanaugh, and Amy Barrett. He was lucky to have gotten a chance to appoint 3 in one term, and he seems to have not let us down. That itself may be luck, or maybe Trump actually had good judgement or got good advice on these picks. I remember G.W. Bush having first tried to appoint some secretary or something, and then there was his big dud, John Roberts, still there screwing the pooch most of the time.

But, yeah, there's luck involved. Some go native, as Peak Stupidity explained in our Cocktail Party Theory of Political Stupidity. Others may very well be latent lefties by design, having plans to head left soon after the confirmation hearings are finished.

George H.W. Bush nominated the guy below for Justice 32 years ago tomorrow, and after a rash of sexual-harassment nonsense, he was confirmed in mid-October of that year, '91. I'd have to nominate him as the BEST OF SCROTUS over the course of my lifetime.**

For some reaction by prominent lefties against this latest court decision, you may want to read a couple of Steve Sailer posts (and the threads below) from today, You'll be Surprised to Learn That Michelle Obama Is Taking the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision Personally (heh!) and Surprise! Former LARPer of Color Liz Warren Is Taking Personally That the Supreme Court Is Shutting Down Her Old Grift.

I would guess that the anti-corruption campaign against certain Justices will be put into high gear after this deal. This stuff about the scandalous behavior is even in Forbes magazine***. Guess who they are all picking on?

Clarence, ma man!

* Kenatta what-have-you Jackson Brown recused herself based on Hissy Fit.

** I don't follow all of the decisions closely, so perhaps Sam Alito and the late Antonin Scalia should share the honor.

*** That's from early May, as this anti-Conservative-Justice campaign got going.

Wednesday - July 5th 2023 5:32AM MST
PS: "He can then tell Chuck Schumer: Hey, I appointed a Jewish woman to the Court! What else do you want!? Oh, and by the way, F**k you!" Heh! Outstanding!
Wednesday - July 5th 2023 5:31AM MST
PS: Thanks for the comments, Mr. Anon. Yes, those 3, Amy Wax, Ann Coulter, and Larry Elders, AA picks all!, would be great on the SCROTUS.

Too bad Thomas Sowell is too old. He retired from writing his columns even.

Or, hell, a White guy, I mean, sometimes you've gotta say "WTF", Joel. Ron Paul is in his 80s, but still healthy AFAIK. As for Vin Suprynowicz, who not many have heard of, same thing.
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 11:53PM MST

Oh, and that putative Republican President's second and third SCOTUS nominations should be:

2.) Ann Coulter

3.) Larry Elder
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 11:52PM MST

If there ever is another Republican President (which I, at this point, doubt), and a SCOTUS position opens up, he (and he would be a he) should appoint Amy Wax to the Court.

He can then tell Chuck Schumer: Hey, I appointed a Jewish woman to the Court! What else do you want!? Oh, and by the way, F**k you!
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 11:43PM MST

"George H.W. Bush nominated the guy below for Justice 32 years ago tomorrow, and after a rash of sexual-harassment nonsense, he was confirmed in mid-October of that year, '91. I'd have to nominate him as the BEST OF SCROTUS over the course of my lifetime.**"

In my opinion, all the Supremes are too indulgent of the powers of the police and the secret organs of the government (the deep state, as it has come to be called).

That said, I agree that Thomas is the best justice, and has been for many years. Apart from the reservation stated above, he meets the three criteria I have for a Supreme Court Justice: 1.) He has read the Constitution, 2.) He understands the Constitution, 3.) He agrees with the Constitution*. That's it. That's all that is required.

I wish that Thomas could be cloned and one or two more of him could be appointed.

*That is to say, he doesn't have to actually agree with the Constitution, he just has to recognize that it is the highest law of the land and he is obligated to abide by it.
Fred the Gator
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 1:10PM MST
PS I also remember during the attempted sabotage of the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, an Asian American college student said that she heard that Thomas wasn't really a black person and she actually used the term "oreo." I suggested that this might be a racist remark and she disappeared from the discussion without rejoinder.

Asian Americans have a deeply ambiguous relationship with racial politics obviously. But I was, I admit, flabbergasted when a female Korean professor said that Korean racism against blacks was due to white racism.
Fred the Gator
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 1:04PM MST
PS I had a co-worker from India once. Telling about a trip home, he said that the bus he was riding was stopped by an angry mob, and a bunch of the passengers were taken off and beaten. He said it was due to resentment over a government policy that favored the group of which the selected passengers were members.

The old saying is that seeking to deal with racial issues with affirmative action is like fxxxxxg for virginity.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 4th 2023 9:04AM MST
PS: Greetings, Al,

I too prefer to call her Jumanji Jackson and pretty much always do.


Tuesday - July 4th 2023 4:53AM MST
PS: "I prefer to call her Jumanji Jackson. Please do so in the future." Sure, if I can remember how to spell that...
Al Corrupt
Monday - July 3rd 2023 4:59PM MST

I prefer to call her Jumanji Jackson. Please do so in the future.
Sunday - July 2nd 2023 5:17AM MST
PS: Ha, I like that 2nd one, Alarmist. I haven't visited the site much in the last 10 years, Alarmist, but last I saw, the blogger at WesternRifleShooters didn't do much writing, just posting of memes like these. (One of the commenters was complaining about that.

Scalia's death was pretty questionable, but I don't recall very much infotainment on the matter. Were it RBG, even at 98, there'd be big questions about fowl play.
The Alarmist
Saturday - July 1st 2023 12:16PM MST

Thomas is an amiable bloke, but Scalia was the real deal, which is why he died under suspicious circumstances.

Friday - June 30th 2023 4:55PM MST
PS: You gotta love that BB. Yes, I've read already about the military exception.

As for the 3/4, I suppose if you count women as AA hires - and lots of them are, but maybe not Mrs. Barrett - then it's down to 3/5. Nope, no vested interest there, no sirreee.

Wait, what's Kagan's deal again, Lesbianism?
Adam Smith
Friday - June 30th 2023 4:28PM MST
PS: One more...

Adam Smith
Friday - June 30th 2023 4:20PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

3/4 of the affirmative action hires on the bench are still in favor of affirmative action...

Saw this last night...

A little more info...


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