Happy Easter - and 3rd point on Trump disappointment

Posted On: Saturday - April 15th 2017 7:33PM MST
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It's been a busy few days, reader(s). However, there is no shortage of things to write about in the stupidity "space". I do want to comment on the now out-of-date story about that Republic Airlines flight (dba United Express) fiasco, which represents a whole world of stupidity on the part of just about everyone directly involved. More coming on Ross Perot as a precursor to Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan and the 1986 illegal alien amnesty, and some humor, just to name a few things.

Anyhow, to complete the elaboration on the post regarding Trump's disappointing breach-of-contract with us, his voters, I will address point 3. Point 3 was the question of how long Trump's supporters, the regular patriotic Americans and nobody else (besides Ann Coulter), will support him. Trump had campaigned on "America First", and part of that was the pretty obvious point that actually defending the country is more important than spending money we don't have to keep meddling in affairs of the rest of the world. "Meddling" is too weak a word, anyway; it's bombing, strafing, droning, and whatever. What's been happening wrt Syria, N. Korea is the same warmongering that we would have expected from a Hildabeast administration and basically all others since Ronald Reagan (and one could arguably include him too).

Per this post on the 2nd issue raised here, Trump had better not flake out on the immigration promises or he will lose all of us supporters right away. We've been through this crap with both George Bushes. I don't mean specifically believing they would uphold our national sovereignty, just that they'd act like conservatives. They didn't, and we were fooled. We didn't want another Bush (¡Jeb!), or any of the rest of the establishment GOP this time for that reason. Patriotic American voters have FINALLY learned their lesson on this.

Ann Coulter here, as usual lately, said this all best in "We Want The “President Of America” Back—Not “The President Of The World". Here's a bit of her writing:
While most of the left wailed about the return of Nazi Germany under Trump, savvier liberals saw his vulnerability: flattery. All we have to do is praise him! You’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

And, boy, did they lay it on thick with the Syrian misadventure. No sucker’s bait was left on the floor. Cable news hosts gushed, “Trump became president of the United States tonight!” On MSNBC, Brian Williams called the bombing “beautiful” three times in less than a minute. Sen. Lindsey Graham (one of the “women of the Senate,” according to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) compared Trump to Reagan. The New York Times headlined an article, “On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First.”

My nightmare scenario: Trump and Jared watching TV together and high-fiving: DID YOU SEE THE NEWS! THEY LOVE YOU! All Trump had to do was pointlessly bomb another country, and it was as if a genie had granted his every wish.

Looking for some upside to this fiasco, desperate Trump supporters bleated that bombing Assad had sent a message to North Korea. Yes, the message is: The Washington establishment is determined to manipulate the president into launching counterproductive military strikes. Our enemies—both foreign and domestic—would be delighted to see our broken country further weaken itself with pointless wars.

We've got to support this guy on what we want most, enforcement of our sovereignty. If that doesn't happen more seriously soon, we just can't treat this guy like our leader - there are plenty of leaders out there. So, the answer is, as soon as most of us were to realize that this guy is just playing to the crowd on border control and legal immigration, while really trying to please the Washington establishment, he will be dead to us. I am hopeful he's just been conned on the foreign policy stuff.

We can still take some time to be thankful this Easter Sunday that we don't have the Hildabeast in front of us nightly on TV (if you still have one of those - shoot it center-screen).

HAPPY EASTER, READERS! (posting will resume on Monday with extreme prejudice)

Buck Turgidson
Tuesday - April 18th 2017 1:31PM MST
People seem unable to make the connection between our massive crippling debt, and our overextended military. The media keeps people in the dark on *everything*. We pay a huge chunk of $$ each year just to service the debt. People pay a huge chunk of their tax money just to service the debt. Right out of their paychecks, do they not see this? Why do we have debt? Military is out of control, way overextended. Way too much welfare. A massively f'd up social security program that has been a huge gov't failure and ponzi scheme and is going to be another ripoff of the American taxpayer. yet if the president says he is going to shrink the military, people say he is a wuss -- more military spending, hooray!! Where do people think the $$ will come from? Our military spends something like 10X more than the largest 4 nations combined. I am not anti-military but it is next to impossible to have an intelligent conversation about this. and the debt just piles up....
Monday - April 17th 2017 5:53PM MST
Yeah, this makes everyone feel that Mr. Trump is more "presidential". What the hell has our country come to, when the president must bomb, strafe, drone or rocket-attack a country in order to be presidential??
Buck Turgidson
Sunday - April 16th 2017 2:33PM MST
I also know about the entitlements problem and that, too, needs to be dealt with. Kick out the illegals and stop immigration and focus on helping our own citizens, many of whom are unemployed, underemployed, or working for starvation wages. Yet, when Trump decides to hurl 60 Tomahawk missiles into Syria (Syria? really?), everyone stands up and cheers. We need a paradigm shift and need to start saving our money and need to get our nose out of the world's business. Trying to fix every damned problem with our mega-expensive Army is not working.
Buck Turgidson
Sunday - April 16th 2017 2:30PM MST
We never are going to start whittling away in any real way on the $20/21T debt until we start dialing back on the military. We need to bring most overseas soldiers home. Sorry but our global world geopolitical/national engineering program has broken the friggin bank. I am tired of having my hard-earned wages gouged every April 15 to pay for this absolute nonsense. Our military spends far in excess of any other nation in the world, and this taxpayer has had it. I could be retiring soon if we had a reasonable tax rate in this country. Instead, I get to keep working for another 15 years to pay for this BS. FED UP
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