Battle of Berzerkely

Posted On: Wednesday - April 19th 2017 7:38PM MST
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James Kirkpatrick is one of the best writers at VDare and he writes The Battle(s) Of Berkeley–Someone Is Going To Get Killed. Where Is Trump?

If President Trump comes through with most of his promises on immigration and American sovereignty, as we stated in this post, the rest of his flaking out can be forgiven. One would hope that he could get his Attorney General, Mr. Jeff Sessions, to get involved in prosecuting some of the hard-left rioting crowd, but it'd probably be more fun if they get they're heads bashed by some of the patriotic Americans at these "battles" anyway.

I really wish this stuff had been going on during my college days. I'd have liked to be part of this, on the right side, of course, and I'm not saying that just due to the visage of Miss Lauren Southern in the picture below.

Were this a serious battle, like in real wartime, women like this would be way in the back, as it should be. You wouldn't see the cute smiling faces were this to get truly serious as a war.

Of course, the “whole Trump administration” doesn’t seem to care too much about what is happening one way or the other. Even Attorney General Jeff Sessions, though he is taking action on immigration, has not cracked down on “antifascist” or extreme leftist groups around the country who openly declare their intention to attack Trump supporters. There has been no effort to secure free speech on campus by withholding federal funding from universities who deny the First Amendment.

And far from standing with his populist supporters, President Trump is reportedly on the verge of dismissing Breitbart head Steve Bannon, which threatens to sever his link with his populist base.

But the new movement that is emerging is not dependent on Trump himself. Indeed, Trump is merely a symptom of the larger counter-revolution against a hostile elite which thinks it has the right to control what Americans are allowed to think, say and vote for.

Americans increasingly recognize the totalitarian Left for what it is. And the Beltway Right and Donald Trump himself can either back up those who are willing to fight for America’s First Amendment rights or they will simply be left behind.
This is what I couldn't have said better myself, which is why I like reading this guy, James Kirkpatrick.

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