Bai Dien v the Dry Tortuga: Who's gone further?

Posted On: Thursday - September 7th 2023 4:57PM MST
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Perhaps that title is more understandable with the words rearranged: "Who's further gone?"

I saw this Yahoo headline and graphic today:

I had to shrink this, but the initial article text reads:
Mitch McConnell's recent freezing spells and other health concerns have created a campaign conundrum for Republicans...

"Probably a double standard."

Errr, yeah, I suppose it is, if you're nothing but a "rah-rah, Red Team" GOPer. Does the yahoo writer really believe that all those who are against the traitorous Bai Dien necessarily support Mitch McConnell, (T-KY)? "T" is for Tortoise this time, and neither for for Texas nor Tennessee. OK, Turtle, Tortuga, Tortoise - I can't tell the difference!

Note that the graphic is not exactly a fair comparison. Perhaps Mitch McConnell rides a bike too. Well no, but why not show one of Zhou Bai Dien's senior moments, many of which are available on youtube or places on the internet the Regime has not yet reached.

This type of article is very good at reinforcing the narrative that there's a big divide between the ctrl-left Blue Squad and the Establishment Red Squad there in Washington, FS. It's not like that.

As for poor Mitch, I sure hope there's a good Kentucky Conservative that the Commonwealth could send to Washington to work with the great Rand Paul. Mr. McConnell could relax and try to recuperate at home. However, I'm guessing Mitch will stay until he freezes into rigor mortis, as the Chinese have not gotten all they're due yet for supporting he and his wife Mrs. Chao in their business dealings. I'll tell you what - the Chinese sure like to hedge their bets. That's no conundrum, strickly bidness!

This video is wicked shocking:

I'd have to say that Senator McConnell has the lead in the 1st round of this Dementia Face-off, sponsored by Geritol, if either of these guys can remember where to pick up the prize and what it is exactly.

From hard-working commenter Adam Smith:

Bill H
Monday - September 11th 2023 9:14AM MST
PS Give me a break. If it weren't for double standards, we wouldn't have any standards at all.
Saturday - September 9th 2023 6:29AM MST
PS: I agree, M. Term limits were passed in a numerous places, but you don't hear much about them anymore. That used to be one issue you might hear about from both the left and the right even . At this point, the Regime wants it's puppets, whether they salute the wrong people or freeze up or not.
Saturday - September 9th 2023 6:14AM MST
That Senators stay too long in office is pretty obvious.
One reason is that the politician in question likes having the power. No doubt being an ex-Senator is good for your bottom line (board of directors etc.) but being a Senator appears to be good as well.
However, it affects the state in question as well. The incoming senator has no seniority at all, so things like committee assignments, and whether you are the chairman etc. have been wiped out. This can seriously affect the amount of pork the state gets.
The incoming senator also does not have as much to offer in deals on legislation.
Friday - September 8th 2023 3:49PM MST
When Mitch froze the first time, Wyoming Senator Barrasso, a physician,
immediately moved in. He was calm, professional, assessed the situation, whispered some things into Mitch’s ear, escorted him back to his office.
As the ballplayers say to Burt Lancaster at the end of Field of Dreams,
nice going doc. A good man. Number three in the Republican party.

Adam Smith
Friday - September 8th 2023 1:31PM MST
PS: Lol... Good question, Mr. Alarmist,

I'm not sure how much internet traffic OnlyFans cam-girls use by themselves, but it has increased quite a bit in the last few years. (Because of the growth they experienced during the plandemic, OnlyFans is now about as big as pornhub.) There are more than 200 million regular users and more than 1.5 million content creators.

Overall, about 30% of all internet traffic is porn.
(Porn Sites Get More Visitors Than Netflix, Amazon And Twitter Combined)

What percentage of those are real girls/women?

Well, it seems about 78% of creators are real girls/women. They say there is a fairly strict verification process (Id/passport/selfie/consent form) for every performer who wishes to monetize content. (OnlyFans has introduced strict measures requiring account verification before funds can be withdrawn, which has reduced the frequency of fake accounts. The platform pays out over $200 million every month to its creators.)

But thanks to AI generated content that might be an optimistic estimate. Also, many creators use professional chatters to maximize the number of fans they can interact with, and make money from, each month. (Many creators feel it’s perfectly ethical because their OnlyFans persona is just a “character” they play – it’s not really “them.”)

The Alarmist
Friday - September 8th 2023 12:22PM MST

How much bandwidth do OnlyFans cam-girls drive, and what percentage of those are real girls/women?
Adam Smith
Friday - September 8th 2023 10:33AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Moderator,

A few fun facts about the internet...

Over 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone. There are approximately 4.32 billion active mobile internet users.

Online videos make up more than 82 per cent of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Spam??? What spam?...
51% of internet traffic is non-human traffic. (While 20% of the 51% non-human traffic is' good', the 31% majority of this non-human traffic is potentially malicious. The study is based on data collected from 1,000 websites that utilize Incapsula's services, and it determined that just 49% of Web traffic is human browsing.)

Food is the most photographed subject on instagram.

Cats vs. Goats...

This data is a little old, but presumably not too far off.(?) A 2015 survey determined that cats drive about 15% of internet traffic. To put that into perspective, of about 4.66 billion people regularly using the internet, 699 million are searching for cats and/or cat-related content.

Dogs rank pretty high too, but there is less dog content than cat content.


So, yeah, firewood...

(I wasn't really taking photos of firewood. You can see the goats up top there.) Sure you could burn some of this in an outdoor fire, but this is meant mostly for the large buck stove in the break room next to the shop.

(We do have a 250,000btu propane heater hanging from the ceiling in the shop...)

There is plenty of free(ish)(still got to cut/split/stack) firewood around the farm. On cold winter days I'll break the chill in the shop with the propane heater and get a big fire going in the break room. I can easily keep the break room over 85° (and over 100° close to the stove) and leave the door to the shop open to let some of that heat into there. I usually don't need much propane as the wood stove really cranks out some heat. (If it's a little chilly in the shop and I don't want to burn any propane I can always warm up by the stove for a few minutes.) But between the two heaters I can keep it toasty in there even on the coldest days.

And we leave the propane heater on about 40° at night so it won't get cold enough to freeze the water lines.(Nobody wants that!)


Friday - September 8th 2023 7:48AM MST
PS: I'm not for age limits, as it really wouldn't be a bad thing to have plenty of these demented people with their "freeze-ups"*, so long as there weren't the men behind the scenes making decisions and taking action on their behalf.. If the Bai Diens, Pelosi's and McConnells were in office doing nothing, and this was before everything had gone to hell, it'd be like having older and senile Woodrow Wilsons, too out of it, rather than principled (W.W.) to do anything. It's the people behind the scenes who must be eliminated.

I think that's why the powers that be want these kind in office, as they do the greedy psychopaths and anyone with a sordid past. The can be made to do their bidding.

Alarmist, that's not good news (how you figure it (would) go in Kentucky), but thanks for that take on it.

* Someone told me that was pretty much a seizure. There are many kinds of seizures, but I gotta ask someone about this.
Friday - September 8th 2023 7:40AM MST
PS: Haha, I didn't think of that joke, shutting him down and rebooting! Good one.

Thanks for the goat pictures. Could goat pics and video give the cat ones a run for their money in the race to dominated the internet? (Well, after pop-up SPAM, that is.)

It looks like you've got a little firewood already built up for the winter, Adam. Will all of that stuff fit? Or is it for outdoor fires?
The Alarmist
Friday - September 8th 2023 2:02AM MST

This would be funny if this was only a social club that did not have the power to tax and/ or destroy us.

The KY guv will appoint a Dem, KY law be damned, and the courts will stay out of it.

Adam Smith
Thursday - September 7th 2023 9:40PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

(T-KY)? I thought the “T” is for turkey...

I guess turtle works too...

About the video... Has anyone tried shutting him down and rebooting him? If I believed in “government” I'd probably find these sorts of episodes embarrassing. I've heard many people talking about a maximum age limit for these “government” workers lately. (Not sure that's the solution, but surely something can be done to weed out those with dementia. If only something could be done to disqualify those with psychopathy.)

Yeah, I've been keeping busy with work this week. It's been a little cooler so the shop isn't quite as 𝒉𝒐𝒕🔥. Looks like it will be even nicer next week.

On a little different note, a pair of goats showed up at the farm. We've been asking around to see if any neighbors lost their goats. So far nothing. It's almost like someone set them free or something.(?)

It's pretty cool watching them run around, playing and such. So far they haven't caused any trouble or really gotten into anything that they shouldn't. But it's probably just a matter of time until they chew up a tractor seat or start climbing on top of cars or something. I haven't really made friends with them as I'm pretty sure that they will be turned into goat meat soon. (Unless someone comes forward and claims them. But alas!, time is running out for these two.)

Oh hey, look at that... It's almost the weekend!

Happy Friday Morning!

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