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Posted On: Saturday - September 9th 2023 7:08PM MST
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These are 3 more of the many favorite Jimmy Buffett songs of mine. I'm out of time to post any writing tonight.

Mañana is from the album Son of a Son of a Sailor. Many of the lyric lines are really dates, so the song is like an inside joke from mid-late 1970s America. A stand-out on that score is the bit about Steve Martin. Anyone know what "getting small" is?* Let's reggae, Reefers!! That'd be the Coral Reefer Band.

Speaking of the 70's, the somewhatt obscure movie FM (1978) was great for those into music and broadcasting. It had concert appearances from a number of great musicians of the era - one I remember the most was Linda Ronstadt with her version of the Rolling Stones' Tumbling Dice. Here's Jimmy Buffett in the movie doing Livingston Saturday Night, also from Son of a Son of a Sailor. He seems pretty wired here and nothing like laid back sailor of the islands. Different drugs? (Well, it was the '70's.)

Finally, from his prior and probably best album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, Jimmy Buffett sings In the Shelter. It's more mellow.

Peak Stupidity has got posts backed up like mad around here. We'll have more info from the China trip - not all is bright and shiny - a continuation of that fisking of the words of the idiotic Lenin (the Russian one), more on the problems, or lack thereof, of the "fertility crisis". and then back to the stupidity of the here and now in America. Thanks for reading, writing, and listening too! Happy Sunday, all.

* I do but just asking.

Monday - September 11th 2023 4:59AM MST
PS: Yes, SafeNow, I do insert some lyrical memories when the fit, or even come close to fitting.
Sunday - September 10th 2023 5:21PM MST
There are so many lists online you can go crazy, so I looked at “Ranker.” Ranker has that Dylan song as number 2 (behind “Imagine”) and
Hotel California at number 7. The latter deserves that spot, even higher,
for reasons musical but also for the brilliance of “you can never leave.”
speaking of famous phrases from songs…I think I recognize the song phrase most of the time when you insert a phrase.. but for an oldster like me who largely stopped listening to new hits in 1970, it has to be quite famous…probably you have cleverly inserted many song phrases in the past and I didn’t realize what you were doing…sorry.
Sunday - September 10th 2023 2:10PM MST
PS: SafeNow, Steve Martin had this bit about "getting small" in which it was literally getting smaller, but he'd use expressions the pot smokers do. "Getting high" would be the || to "getting small". No, it doesn't make sense now, but it didn't then either. Haha. Steve Martin's stuff was somewhat silly (but clean), but he made it funny.

It went along with "mind if I fart?", said to those who asked "mind if I smoke?". The latter is some kind of major Federal offense now it seems like - the former has been grandfathered in?

I'm not that much of a Bob Dylan fan. I like that song, but I could think of 10,000 others to be greatest rock 'n roll song of all time.

Sunday - September 10th 2023 10:35AM MST
I had to look-up “getting small.” Never heard of it. Ah, getting high. My guess had been different. My guess was that it referred to what happens to your private part when your date says the wrong thing at the wrong moment. Back in my day, Dylan sang: You went to the finest schools but you know you only used to “get juiced” in it. Some said it meant drunk, while some thought it was broader than that …squeezed. (“Like a Rolling Stone.” Wildly popular, the idiot record company had thought it would flop. Ahead of its time. It took 30 years or so before it was rated greatest rock ‘n’ roll song of all time.)
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