History doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes.

Posted On: Wednesday - September 13th 2023 2:36PM MST
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Yes, Peak Stupidity does memes now. #MSPaintForTheWin!

I just watched some of a Tucker Carlson interview with the man, one Larry Sinclair, who says he had gay, cocaine-fueled (what's that like?) sex with Barack Øb☭ma in 1999. The latter man was a lowly Illinois State Representative back then. The Establishment media didn't think it appropriate at that juncture to let that news come out to be discussed, as Øb☭ma was slated to be their rising star already.

That time was only about a year after we saw - for me, live - Bill Clinton wag his finger at Americans for their accusations that he was a liar, and go ahead and lie there on live TV about his not-so-hot lady-in-waiting Monica Lewinski. (Bill, ya coulda' done MUCH better!) 10 years later Øb☭ma was the D-nominee for President. At least he never lied to us about having sex with any interns... girl interns, that is.

Maybe it's that, rather than repeating or rhyming, history spirals ... out of control sometimes.

Adam Smith
Thursday - September 14th 2023 11:18AM MST
PS: Afternoon, everyone...


The Alarmist
Thursday - September 14th 2023 3:42AM MST

Hey, lay off the Wookie !
Thursday - September 14th 2023 3:13AM MST
Mr. M writes “Bill's lawyerly contention was that oral sex was not sex.”
I remember reading once that in the informal rules governing massage-parlor regulation in Peking, a manually produced happy ending is NOT sex, and is allowed; whereas intercourse IS defined as sex, and is not legal. I would trust the Peking wisdom on oral intimacy, but I cannot recall seeing it in my scholarly research. (I would also trust Peking very very much when it comes to preparing duck - - I can still member how great it was. You put your duck pieces, enrobed in a sauce, into sort of a small pastry envelope, it’s sort of like pita bread or Nan, but not really either one.)

Thursday - September 14th 2023 2:41AM MST
Sinclair at least recollected a time and place where the alleged thing occurred, whereas Blasey Ford, who could not do so, was accorded total credibility. (Despite having no corroborating witnesses, and, coming across as being totally weird. speaking of looking weird, I tried to find and post that priceless impersonation of her, the one where the actress is wearing sunglasses, about 30 seconds long, but it seems to have been scrubbed from YouTube and even DuckDuckGo.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 14th 2023 2:11AM MST
Sex - öh - is widely overstimated. - I heard a teenager - - a very attractive, sexually way over average experienced mother of a disabled kid say.
And she might have been onto something mod.
I might add that Erich Fromm once remarked that sex is the realm of rebellion and public arousel, that - - - works. The one form of liberty that is not restricted in the public sphere, but rather - - - milked to the n-th degree of exhaustion... - Maybe Fagen and Becker aren't even that far away from this thinking. But that I can only guess from their in lots of regards rather nerdy behavior.
Thursday - September 14th 2023 1:28AM MST
PS: Bill's lawyerly contention was that oral sex was not sex. Tell that to the Hildabeast. Well, he probably did, and that's why he was obligated to give her political support of the rest of their earthbound lives. She'd have either blabbed something really bad and incriminating about him or have had him offed herself, having learned from the master...
Wednesday - September 13th 2023 8:03PM MST
PS: Not that I want to say anything nice about old Bill; but, if I remember correctly, he was not lying about his relationship with Monica. When required to testify about that relationship, he (being a lawyer) wanted a definition of "to have sexual relations". I don't remember the whole thing, but it involved various acts "for their mutual pleasure".

Since he did not care about her pleasure, he did not have sex with her. This would presumably also apply to the women he raped.

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