Racist babies, what're ya' gonna do?

Posted On: Saturday - April 22nd 2017 4:28PM MST
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Jim Goad is one of the main writers for the website Takimag. Peakstupidity does not have it on the blogroll mainly just because the site is kind of cumbersome (must be lots of scripts runnin), and it has locked up my computer before. The commenters there are very well educated, but the threads usually go on for 300-600 comments - takes a while to read. Maybe I'll put it on the blogroll soon. Anyhoo, besides Steve Sailer, who writes an article a week there, but can be found mostly on VDare and unz.com, Mr. Goad is the best writer on this conservative site, where the subjects are decay of society, race relations, and the immigration invasion (both here and in European countries).

In The Original Sin of Our Times, an article about a Canadian study (also discussed here by Steve Sailer) that purports to prove that babies are basically racist by 6 months old, I guess as early as an psychological testing has any meaning. I'm not arguing with their results, but the spin in the academic paper is that we need to fix this. Perhaps, being loyal to and having more trust in, your own "tribe", so to speak is built into us, just as it is in other animals, for damn good evolutionary reasons.

Jim Goad:
But the natural-born instinct for “group survival”—at least when manifested among whites—has been twisted into a mental pathology of the highest order, the Original Sin of our times. In other words, the anti-racist and decidedly anti-scientific activists “have meddled with the primal forces of nature,” and it won’t end well for them, because nature is far more powerful than ten billion fanatical ideologues could ever hope to be in their most savagely totalitarian dreams.
I would say I couldn't say this better myself, but if you are a regular reader, you man remember that I have. PeakStupidity's line was "IT'S NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE!" (that goes for life in general, in addition to margarine, BTW) ;-}

Jim Goad concludes:
It’s time to begin aggressively pushing the perfectly rational notion that humans possess a tribal instinct that is every bit as natural and strong as the sex drive. Aphorisms such as “birds of a feather flock together” and “blood is thicker than water” did not originate from some deluded, inadequate sociopath brimming with hatred and fear, but from careful observation of how nature operates.

So what do we do with all these racist babies? Leave them and their brains alone, and start working to fix your own deluded noggins.

Let me set the record straight that this blogger said nothing racist up through 20 months old, when I was a toddler and no longer a baby at all. Of course, girls start earlier.

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