Truth as lies, and lies as truth. Where've we read about this before?

Posted On: Tuesday - April 25th 2017 8:13PM MST
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I just spent the better part of 1/2 hour trying not to fall asleep while reading through the book of Revelation trying unsuccessfully to find a passage that describes how at the end times, the liars will be seen as speakers of truth and vice versa. It goes something like that, and it's not in this book, and I cannot keep track of how many beasts are coming down with how many eyes and horns and so forth. (That's the part that was putting me to sleep.) It doesn't sound at all pleasant, but I guess it's something we've gotta power through. I'd appreciate, though, a comment below to help me find the right passage in the Bible, as I can't think of a good text string to search for.

Why? Well, it started with this article on the unz site by John Derbyshire on Bill O'Rielly's being kicked off Fox News. It was not interesting to me, not due to Derbyshire's writing, but just because I am off all TV, and who cares? However some commenters mentioned Tucker Carlson as O'Reilly's replacement, and I've liked his short segments that I've seen on youtube (3 of them have been written about here on PeakStupidity, 1, 2 , and 3). You know how web-surfing goes, and I ended up watching as much as I could of the video below, which is an interview with another "antifa" nutcase. I guess Carlson gets paid the big bucks mainly for his restraint in just freaking out on-air about the complete distortion of the truth that comes from these people.

That's where Revelation or maybe another book on a prophet of the end times comes in. Is this the stuff they were prophesying about? It's not just the one lady, as you're gonna have your nutcases here and there even in the best of times. It's not just her fellow radicals on the campuses all over that turn lies into truth and truth into lies. There are people behind all this stuff, your Soros's and such. What are their motives? This lady may be as stupid as she seems, though I'm not really sure. The elite people with the big money that push this are not - it's pure evil, I think, at the upper-management level of this bullshit.

Oh, this lady teaches middle school, BTW. You'd better check what district if you have kids in the 11-14 age range. Homeschooling for the win!

Thursday - July 26th 2018 6:28PM MST
PS - Hey, Mr. ITW, if you've come back to this page - if this is not the same length, it IS the same lady, no doubt. How could I forget that stupidity? The face brought back some bile from some part of my body that I'd thought I'd EMITTED already!
Thursday - July 26th 2018 4:37PM MST
PS - Thank you ITW, they seem to jerk the Tucker ones off quite often. It may be hard to even search for this one, seeing as I left the young woman's name off the post.

I am glad you like the site, too - there's 700-odd posts up. It sounds like you are ~ 1/3 of the way through. ;-}
Wednesday - July 25th 2018 11:37AM MST
PS Like the site. Your youtube link is busted.....
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