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Posted On: Monday - May 1st 2017 6:15PM MST
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... even if you do want to get into a mortgage-sized debt after 4 or 5 years of "education". Just 4 days back, PeakStupidity featured a post on the "University Bubble", the rest of which appears under the University topic key.

Our recommendation has been to steer your kids away from college and into some type of trade or business unless he CAN become an engineer, computer type, scientist or some such, just based on the wasted investment that can no longer be easily paid on-the-go (by money earned just during summers, weekends, etc.). It now amounts to a mortgage-sized debt that will be owed, unless you, the parents are fairly well off, and most majors really won't help the kid get any better job. Most of the decent jobs for which any major would have done, in the past, just to prove one could get through an ordeal (say, 4 years of course-work (cause IQ tests were basically outlawed for selecting employees way back - bing "Griggs vs. Duke power)) are not there. The other jobs won't pay any or much more that one would have gotten without the 4 years of debt accumulation.

With all that said, many families figure the name of a good school is what it takes for their kid(s) to get ahead. There's some merit to that, whatever the major (mostly it's about meeting the right people, not the learning - the whole "it's not what you know, it's who you blow" thing). Well, California's leaders of the institutions of "higher learning" are just making that harder too.

Here you are, with a family that may have paid large taxes to the state for decades, or have relatives that have donated to the schools, and the big named ones, Berkeley and UCLA, along with others, are just importing foreigners to pay the higher tuition to get this piece of paper that used to mean a lot. A week-old article on VDare by Brenda Walker, a real Californian who writes about all things Californian in relation to the bad quality-of-life effects of massive uncontrolled immigration into that state, is University of California Hid $175 Million in Secret Funds, According to Auditor. Most of the story is not about just the corruption by Janet Napolitano, one nasty bitch for which we'd all be better off never hearing from again. It's about the selling out of spots to the prestigious UC colleges to out-of-state, but more-so out-of-country students, for the big bucks. These elites of California could not give a damn about the natives of their state, no matter how bright and promising, the same as our national elites don't care what happens to native Americans.

In the graphs below, the pie-charts don't look that bad, even the 2015 one, but keep in mind 2 things:

A) They show percentages for the current student body, not incoming freshman, as the line graphs below do.
B) The pie charts are for all schools in the UC system, while the line graphs, looking much worse, are for the prestigious ones (well, not sure about Santa Cruz - that's just about surfing and weed, isn't it still ?)

About the only plus-side to this is that these imported kids are not normally the student snowflake types, but, hey, one can learn a lot over 4 years. The "antifa" and other assorted collections of idiots are usually not comprised of these high-paying foreign students either, as the foreign kids may still be under the strange impression that there is rule-of-law in America still and they could be deported. Hahahaaa! cough, cough... wait a minute... hahahaaa! They just want the piece of paper that used to mean a highly-paid successful career back in China or back in Saudi Arabia (well, in the case of the latter, they really don't actually do the work over there, but can hang the paper on the wall and forget their accurate feelings of being a waste of space on the planet). Boy are they all in for a surprise. Thanks for the money, suckers - we got Janet Napolitano a large collection of dildos from the poontang dynasty and we're gonna build a slow-speed bullet train with the rest of it.

Oh, real Californians, pay your damn taxes and shut up - we're your leaders!

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