Apprehending Jason Bourne, we're the government and we're all on it.

Posted On: Wednesday - May 17th 2017 8:42AM MST
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Hey, I was just trying to find re-runs of Seinfeld or Andy Griffith, while spending a night at a hotel on a bidness trip. Yes, I don't "do" TV, but I was getting bored even with the internet (that happens once in a blue moon).

While flipping through the myriad channels emanating the usual party-line bullshit (yes, the sitcoms too), I came across one of the Jason Bourne movies. Now, I'll give these some credit, I've watched 3 of them, and the action holds my attention, with a possibly not-even-purposefully subliminal point that I'll get to shortly. The movie being shown on this hotel TV channel wasn't one of the 3 I've seen. The guy looked like Matt Damon, but I'm not absolutely sure. The plot however was the same - there are guys out to get him. He's got to run, but save the girl at the same time.

Yes, I guess Jason Bourne is pretty good on any kind of motor conveyance, especially street bikes and he must have really trained hard on going up and down stairs with a motorcycle, cause he's pretty damn good at that. The guys chasing Mr. Bourne are not actually guys BTW, but they are "assets". That sounds really cool and Deep-State like, don't it? However, these fucking assets never seem to learn that you can't chase that guy down on his stolen motorcycle when you are in a car. I'd have learned that from the 1st movie on, were I an asset. These assets won't get their lard ass-ets out of the car to steal a bike of their own to catch Jason Bourne! After, all he is out of control, right?

Then, there are the guys and gals at mission central at the CIA offices trying to organize the take-down of Mr. Bourne (it was pretty early on in the movie, so good luck with that ...). There have to be women on the team, OK, that's entirely possible, with the uglier one barking out commands to the pretty one on some kind of screen, who would keep saying "yes, Maam" back. Probably the pretty one was really just showing off her pictures of last-night's casserole on facebook, but it seemed to keep her busy.

There was the standard contemplative black guy (seriously, how many times do you see this in real life?) who had his fingers on his chin. He was probably thinking hard about "I only got this job due to affirmative action. I've got to act like these smart government guys, even though they aren't that smart, and we are just making a movie. They act like they're smart, I can do that. Still, what to say here? I'll just look intensely at the screens and frown. Man, I'm glad I just got in to this movie bidness due to my skin color; imagine I were in the real CIA as an affirmative action hire! Then, I couldn't get away with just rubbing my fingers on my chin and frowning. Well, who knows? OK, cut!"

After, I turned the TV/movie off, I thought about the message that was in all of these movies, but also in shows like CSI (There were a bunch of them back in the day - seems like one TV channel was all-CSI, all-Day, say CSI Miami, CSI Winnemuca, CSI Palo Alto, or some such stuff.) OK, the good guy in the movie, Jason Bourne, was a white guy, but that's to be sure of getting a big enough audience to make money. However, you know who the evil guys are - always white, any movie, any show, and that is kind of a spoiler.

The message I would like to discuss is NOT the race/gender we're-all-equal crap - that is widely known by about everyone and is put up with by people without the self-control to just skip the movies and cut the cable (and subsequently the subscription). No, here's the targeted message from the state in all of the CSI shows and any movies like Bourne ____-acies: These Deep-State, CIA, NSA Motherland Security, etc. agencies are shown in the shows/movies to be smart, quick-thinking, and have all the information from any source in the world at their fingertips.

Listen to this shit - "Get me video from the North side of the train station!" "I want all purchases of Kool cigarettes , wait, he's a white guy, I mean, Camel Lights, made from last Tuesday to today in Bavaria!" "Yes, Maam!" "Get a reading on the girl at the bus stop" "I need assets there NOW!" "Yes, what bra size is she - no, from the database, dammit, you're blowing your cover!" "OK, I want 2 NSA assets to Istanbul Constantinople by 1800 Zulu time - use one of the Falcon 2000's." "Yes, Maam!" "Cell phone records - for last 10 minutes! Anything made from the east side of Elm Street, north of that sycamore tree." "Get me color video footage of Mr. Bourne's last stool" "I want to know every last kernel of corn he ate!" "Yes, Sir!" "Asset A get on his tail; chase him up that stairway, yeah take a right .... NOW!" "Uhh, I tried that last movie, ended up in traction sir" "JUST! DO! IT! ASSET A!" "Maam, yes Maam!"

Whether it's just stupidity (our specialty here, of course, you're welcome!) on the part of Hollywood in not knowing the actual reality of organizations, especially large ones, or purposeful messaging to put the fear into independent-minded Americans, the movies and shows would have us believe that these agencies and their employees are just top notch. I do realize that all the data is out there, databases can make a lot of amazing connections, and computer speed is basically at whatever you need.

However, it's the people they've got all wrong. Programmers, dBA's, etc. can make all the great systems that might LOOK like the stuff on TV, but you've got US Government half deadwood, part affirmative action, part glass-ceiling-shattering employees, for cryin' out loud! Do you think they've got their act together like the people trying to catch Jason Bourne? That is not reality. Don't let them make you think this is what would be up against were you in a "disagreement", let's call it with the Feral Gov.? Far, far from it would be reality.

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