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Posted On: Thursday - May 25th 2017 6:48PM MST
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Miss Shuping Yang had a few choice words to say about China at the University of Maryland commencement ceremonies last weekend. The Chinese people are not at all happy about this young lady bad-mouthing her native land, and Peak Stupidity local sources say she has been told not to come back. What the hell are we supposed to do with another foreign graduate in Psychology, though? ("Yang, I've been having those dreams again of my mother, and ... " "Rye back, have more sticky-lice-balls, and lerate your dleam to me in your best leco-erection.")

Peak Stupidity comments are coming, of course, but before you watch the 8 minute video, keep in mind this: agree or disagree with some of what this vapid assimilated-snowflake has to say, remember how stupid and naive we all were at this tender age too, OK. Well, I mean not THAT stupid and naive, and also, what do you mean "we" Keemosaabee?

(Note that this video has comments disabled on youtube. Yes, they are private and no Constitutional Amendment applies, but this sort of makes one think right off about what kind of free country we are anymore. I checked another video, and almost all the comments were in Chinese. We noted neither the characters for "stupid" nor "vapid", nor "snowflake" among them, but without a large knowledge of this language, we don't know squat all what's going on ...)

Were this 25 years ago, I would agree with the young lady wholeheartedly and applaud in front of my IBM 4MHz PC-clone with ... wait, no internet. Really, it was a different country then, but, along with that there were probably 1 % of the number of Chinamen people in America then to have noted how free we were. At universities of all prestige levels, all over this country, Chinese people almost run all of the science/engineering grad. schools, and have large contingents of students. There really isn't any excuse for them spouting out words that may have been true 25 years ago - they were not here then, and things are different now.

Nominally, we have a 1st Amendment protecting bans on free speech by governments, but it doesn't work as planned by our founders when the definition of "free" is changed to "anything that doesn't trigger our emotions". At the universities, which are almost all in a big-way taxpayer-supported institutions, this situation is the worst (see our post about Berserkely, but there is much more on of anywhere else in the country beside Washington, FS. This lady may really be naive and not know this, but then she is the freakin' Valedictorian! How do they pick 'em now, brow jobs?

Now, about the clean air business Miss Shuping hammered China about, we've noted here the problem with a country having too many people for the land. China indeed manufactures for the world cheaply at a high cost for the health of the people. I don't really disagree with Yang about that, but I think she is too stupid to know about anything but the symptoms. Did she mention how all environmental problems become more acute with greater population. No, I didn't hear that in there; possibly she is Sierra Club member and might even have a lot of compassion for the illegal immigrants that burn down 45 square miles of the High Sierras national park. Were she a Trump supporter and had a damn clue what kind of country this will become if we keep on doin' what we're doin', we could put up with another psychologist, at some cost in welfare benefits we suppose. But very high Lost Wages odds say she ain't. Could we ship her to some middle ground, if Peking won't let her back in - worst case an island made out of old HanJin shipping containers bolted together in the Pacific, with weekly air drops?

Anyhoo, this girl unmasks her agenda to those in the know, our local Chinasource, by telling the bogus story about needing a face mask. That can be true for Peking and many big cities there. However, Miss Shuping is from Kunming, down in Yunnan province (NW of VietNam) where the environment is quite nice, for China anyway. It is a big tourist destination, in fact. I really don't like the big embellishment of the story. Even if nominally pro-USA, I don't like bullshitters.

This is hardly related at all, except my friend's date in the south of China was named Shuping (that's the family name - first name was "Sweetie" or something). Anyway, I was in a hurry to meet them both before 2:30P on the "mainland" side of the border with Macao a few years back, as I would not know where to meet up with the bus to Canton, were I to be late. I just missed getting in front of the immigration man, when a Moslem guy (with crescent moon on his green passport) got back in front of me to finish. Let me tell you, this immigration guy was absolutely not screwing around or being PC by treating everyone the same. He went through every page on this guy's passport with a magnifying glass, back and forth at least twice. 10-15 minutes went by. Well, I got my turn finally, and it took about 30 seconds. Though worried even more about making it in time into the country, I pointed at the guy, said "Moslem?" and gave that immigration guy a big thumbs up. He smiled back.

Luckily my friend meant AFTER 2:30P, not BEFORE, as I looked frantically for gui lao (foreigners, literally "white ghosts") all around the sea of Chinapeople on the other side. Good times, good times, ... and we should import immigration zealots like that Chinese gentleman at the Zhuhai/Macau border, rather than vapid psychology students.

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