Feminism 102 - Mother Nature expresses herself monthly

Posted On: Friday - May 26th 2017 7:06PM MST
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She's still on the lunar calendar. It's just some thoughts I had about a lunar month ago, so this could be a good follow up for Feminism 101 of 3 moons ago.

This post is about what you think it's about, so if you're too squeamish and don't have the stomach for it, GET OUT NOW, no harm, no foul. Menstruation is something men either don't know about early on in their lives (< 15 y/o) or don't want to know about (rest of the time). Women usually find out about it in the school shower and think they are dying because blood is pouring out of you-know-where. (OK, at least that's the way it happened for Carrie White in the Steven King movie, so, you know? It'd be pretty sad if everything Peak Stupidity knows about women's problems is from Movies and TV!) Later on, after the hot gym teacher explains it to them, they keep track of this lunar-monthly phenomenon like men watch the stock market for crazy irrational dips.

My formal biology learning ended a few decades back, so, whether we discussed the P.M.S. issue in class or not I cannot remember. (I probably would have remembered the laughs, so I think not.) Therefore, when a friend in the medical field mentioned that a women has only a limited supply of eggs already when she matures into a baby-making apparatus, I had no idea anymore about this. It turns out that she has just under 1/2 million egg follicles at that point, but during each period, as the one in 1000 follicle that has matured into an egg, but remained unfertilized, dies, another 1000 follicles are also lost. In 35 years +/- 5, the whole supply is gone.

Just as an aside, here's that "their" crap again! Though probably TMI for our average reader, here's a quote, as I was solidifying my menstrual-IQ in research for this post:
For most women, the length of time between ovulation (when an egg is released from the ovary) and their monthly period is between 12 to 16 days (this is called the luteal phase).
For cryin' out loud, you know this only applies to women, the author is using "monthly period" singularly, so it should be "her monthly period". Damn this idiot and her fucked-up grammar!

OK, class, back on the subject here, the math is that 13 mature eggs and 13,000 or so follicles are lost each year (note, 13 due to lunar months). During those 35 years, the supply goes from 1/2 million follicles (possible eggs) in the ovaries to a big ZERO (invented by the Moslems, supposedly, BTW).

Now, women being emotional creatures and all, though the book knowledge, obtained from (almost all) men doing years of great scientific research, is not in mind usually and could not have been before the science, the female mind has a type of knowledge of the process that manifests itself as emotions. What do you think the female body would feel when another egg from the limited supply goes literally down the tubes? Mother Nature is not happy at all about this, as it has planned the female body for other things, say, bearing children. This disappointment by Mother Nature, an unforgiving old broad, manifests itself during this certain time of the lunar month as massive emotions that we try to avoid being around. It is not a good time for anyone involved, and the impetus for the entire "man cave" trend, in Peak Stupidity's opinion.

This is so obvious, but I have never seen this stated before. PMS is to be expected in a body running mostly on emotion, built for having children, at times when another of the limited supply of one of 2 necessary ingredients for the making of a child is lost. PMS could not NOT happen, unless, what, Mother Nature is taken out with extreme prejudice (but how?) or we talk to the preppers, maybe start an egg-prepper facebook group (hey, it's a start, OK, we just work here!)

This post is a scoop, people. EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it. PMS is bad, mmmkaay.

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