Too busy a day to post, but gotta put up some music.

Posted On: Friday - December 9th 2016 8:16PM MST
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I really want to put up at least 3 post a day for now and not have days of "dead air", but for today, just this:

As kids in our family we were always about 5 - 10 years behind on the pop and rock music, so my brother and I really got into The Beach Boys about 12 years after their prime. The songs most people have heard are the surfing and car songs, of course, and they are all great sounds.

The creative genius of the band, Brian Wilson (there were the 3 Wilson brothers and Mike Love and Al Jardine) decided to go in a different direction with the band, as a lot of bands are wont to do. A lot of times this doesn't turn out well ([cough] Doobie Brothers getting Michael McDonald, [cough], [cough]. However, when "Pet Sounds" was made in mid-1966, it was compared to the most creative pop albums ever made, for instance, the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper".

This song is from that album, but, funny thing is, this particular track was NOT written by any of the Beach Boys. It is an old standard.

While traveling for my job some of the time, though I like the work, sometimes I think of this.

Mike Love by himself: "This is the worst trip I've ever been on."

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