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Posted On: Tuesday - June 6th 2017 2:44AM MST
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Commenter Buck Turgidson had a good comment re this post on the US military. I had called the things going on these days ...

"...a sick social experiment...." That is well stated. Our military has gone way, way beyond its original mandate and what is should be reasonably doing today. Our military is extremely overextended and this global military empire is tremendously expensive and a big reason we are $20T in debt. The net result, other than the debt, is heartache, failed expectations, and a huge friggin mess.

Unfortunately, the military seems led by people who cannot learn a damned thing from this experience and, unfortunately, receive way too damned much money from our US Congress. I know several military officers. Good guys and friends, all that. At the same time, they have an entitlement mentality regarding the US Treasury and my tax dollars, and do not think there is any place on Earth that they should be stationed and keeping an eye on things. They believe that they are entitled to a bottomless pit of money to play global geopolitical engineers and strategists, and blow up things, kill people, take out leaders, and so on, as they see fit. No doubts.

The opinion of a taxpayer such as myself, who foots the bill for this insanity? Not worth considering, as it's coming from an outsider who does not really know how the world works, like they do. I am from a military family, but our military needs to be reigned in, and we need to start living within our means. We also need to keep our nose out of other nations' business. We can't fix every damned problem in the world. We also should not be saddling our future generations with a mountain of debt b/c we have neocons who think they are in charge of policing the world. Sorry kind of a rant, we have bad leadership in this country and the military sees bad guys around every corner. and we're broke.

The paragraph breaks were from Peak Stupidity, but we could not have said this better. Thanks, Buck.

Saturday - June 17th 2017 3:08PM MST
Thanks for the compliment, Buck.
Buck Turgidson
Sunday - June 11th 2017 11:11AM MST
Thanks PS. Your website is vastly undervisited and underappreciated. C'mon people, are you not sick of and continually astonished at the stupidity and assholery surrounding you and with which you must up put?

The price tag of the millions of lifelines that we run between our soldiers (and mercenary consultants) into every damned corner of the world costs the US taxpayer a fortune. What are we getting for having soldiers in Afghanistan right now? Kuwait? Those who are lounging in Dubai or Qatar on some R and R? How about the tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands in Europe? WW II was over 72 years ago and we have not left. How about Camp Bondsteel in SE Europe? Bondsteel is a real beaut of a boondoggle. Google it and try to not barf, that is YOUR money again going down yet another useless military rathole.

Would people not like to keep more of your money and not turn it over to the IRS? Where do folks think it goes? The IRS emptied my pockets earlier this year in order to pay for this global military empire and mass hallucination (along w EBT cards and a bunch of other crap). I am not anti-govt or anti-military -- but we need to have a sense of proportion and pay for what we can afford and stop maxing out our credit cards and beating the stuffing out of the US taxpayer, workers, and families.

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