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Posted On: Wednesday - June 7th 2017 7:25PM MST
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We (we bloggers, I guess) need to get something straight. This phrase, "the Deep State", has been trending, as the idiots at google, yahoo, and assorted other idiots like to say these days. The phrase is being used a lot, though it is nothing new, yet I've been reading it as having 2 different meanings. This Peter Brimelow blog post on VDare is an example.

The original meaning of "the Deep State" is the one that has been used for 50 years or more, at least in reference to goings-on with or really, behind, the US Feral Government. It refers to a "shadow government" and/or powerful elite non-government people who work behind the scenes to make the real decisions as the politicians play their role as puppets. The idea is that these nefarious types do not want to be public figures and they don't want the public to know there even is any Deep State. By "Deep" here, writers mean "deep secret", so we don't guess these people blog about their activities or have a Deep State facebook group and stuff like that.

Conspiracy theories can be made about much of the goings-on in government, and not all turn out to be wrong. As has long been promised, Peak Stupidity will have a post about long-term, as in centuries-long conspiracy theories, and why we doubt their possibility. That will make this post (again!) too long, so, anyway, most conspiracy theories and facts involve people behind the scenes that, in any large conspiracy could be thought of as the deep state. Any conspiracy that takes even a modicum of planning and intelligence could not involve just the faces we hear from, the politicians and Gov't agency heads - there MUST be some smart people behind them.

There are plenty of just plain facts out now about the CIA, NSA, and groups without published names that carry our all kinds of evil and sick behavior on behalf of "the common defense of the United States of America". Peak Stupidity thinks of these people, these agencies, and some elite super-rich globalist scum-bags that care nothing for America, nor any other country, really, working with them, for them, and over them, as this Deep State. That is the deep state that could have easily compromised President Trump, as we just theorized here in paragraphs 4 and 5.

Now, the other definition I've been reading lately is more like just the deeply set-in-place US Feral Government bureaucracy. That is what some articles have been referring to as the Deep State in reference to the inability of President Trump to follow through on his promises to the patriotic American voters.

This is quite a different story. There are indeed millions of entrenched usually not-easily-fire-able employees in government. These people are almost all very much in favor of Big Government, because, (yeah, no shit) they work there and want to keep their cushy jobs with decent pay and a really nice pension NOT coming. They shouldn't be able to vote to begin with, as none of them are (net) taxpayers - yet vote like hell they do, and even with Donald Trump not being anything resembling a small-government Libertarian, in general they don't like anyone who wants cuts to budgets, meaning (see Ron Paul's latest) any lowering of the GROWTH of ANYTHING in the Feral Gov't. This is the Deep State that some have been writing about lately in reference to implementation of any policies of President Trump('s campaign, anyway).

The 2nd-definition deep state is something that can be dealt with, at least more easily than the 1st-defintion version. In a war against stupid vs. a war against evil, I'll take bets only on the war against stupid. In fact, come to think of it, this very website is a squadron-level unit in the battle against stupid. Back to Trump and all the Feral Gov't entrenched bureaucrats at all the different agencies, let's get one Constitutional thing straight - the President is the head of the executive branch. That is where all of these cabinet-level and sub-cabinet-level agencies reside - the executive branch. Donald Trump has every right to get rid of whom he wants and hire whom he wants.

Sure, that is a lot of people to fire, we're talking millions, but we've got just the guy in there to do it! What other president in our lifetimes has ever had his own TV show where the whole theme was "You're Fired!"? But, but, we're going to have hollowed-out, ineffective Federal agencies!!! Hey, that's a feature, not a bug, here, people. It's called, (wait for it) freedom. In fact, why not just keep the jobs unfilled, excepting the border patrol?

Attention, Feral Gov't deadbeats employees:

Just as another version of the conclusion here, Peak Stupidity agrees with the 1st definition as the meaning of Deep State. It has been around longer, and makes more sense. The 2nd definition should rightfully have a different term, say the "Deadbeat State".

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