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Posted On: Thursday - June 15th 2017 5:42AM MST
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As promised in the last post I'd just like to state that I don't care about football - college or pro. Oh, and basketball and hockey (nobody does where I'm from), and whatever. I am referring to spectator sports, but hey, an occasional baseball game at the park can be a good time.

Now, I don't have a beef against people who do, except for the ones that somehow think this is more important than what's going on in the world. It's been said before, and here too (I can't find it. Embarrassing, tweet-tweet) that "you may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you." In other words, none of this matters to you now, but what you don't care about WILL catch up to you and/or your family to the point when you do care. I know "I can't do a thing about it, so why bother worrying." That's understandable, but it's one of those things in which if the majority think this way, what comes is inevitable. If they do care and act, it's not inevitable.

[Big digression moved to the bottom.*]

Man, that's way off of football. OK, there are fans who are in it for the stats, fascination with the strategy, whatever, and do pay attention to other stuff. Fine.

This is another out-of-my-control-vehicle-radio post, like deja vu of yesterday morning's post. It was about a month ago, and this time was sports talk, neither as infuriating nor soothing as National Public Radio. This guy was going on about what I'm pretty sure was football, in particular, about one McCafferty. He apparently is pretty good, possibly controversial, but very important. This announcer was, and I'm going to use the term for the first time on Peak Stupidity, "cucked out". Let me explain.

Here's where I've got a beef with your average football fan - you're following this bunch of thugs with a few white quarterbacks, like they have anything to do with you. You don't play and they don't care what you think about their passing, rushing, and strategy, only that you keep your cable subscription This stuff's not important, when at the same time, Globalists/elites of our country are doing their very best to replace the white male and white families in general. When will you start paying attention? You are encouraging them with your satisfaction with, and distraction by, this circus aspect of the whole "bread and circuses" deal you are being allowed to have as consolation.

Back to the announcer: It's really funny that I was thinking while listening "hey, this guy sounds like he wants to marry this McCafferty, as he's going on and on about this guy and the team like he's in love." Seconds after I thought that, the guy indeed said something just like that - "Yeah, I have a man-crush..." and another phrase to that effect. The announcer came across as positively ebullient, that's the word. Yeah, the "cucked" for "cuckolded" term really did fit there. It's really time to leave this stuff behind, people.

I'll tell ya, or ask you, why can't people just get a good sound system, just 9" woofers would be acceptable, like back in the 1970's, and blast out Rush in the morning?

Begin the day
with a friendly voice,
a companion, unobtrusive
Plays that song that's so elusive,
and the magic music makes your morning mood.

Off on your way,
hit the open road.
There is magic at your fingers.
For the spirit ever lingers,
undemanding contact
in your happy solitude.

Don't even play it without the woofers. You need to feel Geddy Lee's bass deep in your chest cavity.

Rush, with "The Spirit of Radio" from Permanent Waves

* [Big Digression here, I just noticed!:] I also may have wrote this with respect to the old small-government USA (you've to to reach way, way back now), but I will again, in case: We were such a free country and people when you go back 50 years or more, that it really was a place where one didn't generally have to care about the Feral Government. Whatever happened in Washington, FS did not have a bearing on most people's lives on a daily basis like it does in the present. Back in the day, the only time it mattered what happened over in the swamp was during war time or when the progressives went on a big rampage, cough, Wilson, FDR, cough, cough. Now, one Feral Agency can make a law, excuse me, "Rule" that you couldn't have even seen coming, that may put your business under, or must change your whole financial planning because of. Because Americans did not pay attention to the goings-on in the Federal Shithole for so long, it's gotten to the point where people damn well better do so.

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