Weather vs. Climate

Posted On: Saturday - December 10th 2016 2:18PM MST
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  Global Climate Stupidity

You'll hear the big-money climate guys, some of the scientists, pundits and the rest of that crowd say over and over:

"Climate is not weather!"

OK, fair enough. Their point is that weather forecasting (some of it being modeling) is a short term thing that involves pressure systems, current temperature and humidity levels, upper level winds, etc. to tell us whether it'll be cloudy, windy, raining or hot/cold tomorrow. Climate modeling is energy balances of the earth and the distribution of the energy (internal energy in air, ocean, and land temps., kinetic energy (the wind, ocean currents).

Yes, I can rag on Podesta in this post due to the facts that a) I know he's a moron already, so, you know, and b) we know the weather forecasting even in places with lots of accurate weather stations, stations on land and close enough together, is still only good for 3-4 days with any accuracy. Often the next day's forecast is changed the night before on the TV station websites while people are sleeping (hopefully, they didn't get screenshots, right?). Mind you, I'm not saying there aren't smart people involved (I don't mean the ones on TV) that try their best, but it's just a bunch of processes that are what you call "chaotic". Going out a week or so it is nothing but high-paid, color-coded, glorified rectal-extraction.

What does that have to do with climate, then, you ask? Well, climate models involve different processes to be modeled, but there are still a whole bunch of different processes, many of which, individually, have very rough guesses for models. More on this in Post 2, coming, of, "There is no working model of the world's climate, dammit!".

To sum up, I agree that climate is not weather. However, if not chaotic, it is just as complicated for other reasons - to be explained today or tomorrow.

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