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Posted On: Tuesday - June 27th 2017 3:25AM MST
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Due to a lack of full 1-2 hours blocks of time to get a good post on here without interruption, we are down to 1-2 per day. I'd rather have 1 good original one than 3 that are just "fiskings" (as the old bloggers back in the 'oughts used to say), with mostly just excerpts. However, I think it's fair to post stuff on Peak Stupidity that I originated as comments on other blogs.

This is from a reply to this article, by Steve Sailer on unz.com. The article, "Without Immigration, Tokyo More Than Doubles Housing Space Per Person", goes along with Sailer's out-of-control (in the sense that I can't keep up!) lately posting on population issues around the world, mostly with respect to out-of-control (in the sense that we may ALL be screwed) Africa.

My reply started with the first paragraph about zerohedge, as discussion of Japanese society, including all the "worries" about their decreasing population, happens a lot within the comments there, and mostly with the same conclusion of my 2nd paragraph following.

[Peak Stupidity comment from unz]:
This to me, is really a convergence with the thinking on Zerohedge*. That’s what those guys have been saying a long time. To remain on topic with your comment, specifically, Piltdown, I don’t think any of these economists are particularly bright people, though I’ll make an exception for your Adam Smiths, Rothbards, and Freedmans.

However, because the American economy has been gutted, as far as manufacturing jobs go, the FIRE economy, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate (in my opinion, should be: Finance, Insurance, Real estate, Education) is the vehicle of “expansion”. By expansion, that DOES NOT MEAN increase in quality of life for Americans. It just means increase in GDP, which is really just a concern to the economists (BTW, one of multiple reasons inflation numbers are way understated by the Feral Gov’t is that GDP increases would probably all be wiped out, possible long in the red, were the actual numbers included in GDP calculations).

Back to the FIRE economy, all that stuff is not wealth creating. It is just shifting money around, and the “capitalist” elites in those industries make money from transactions, the churning around of money. White Flight is BAD, you say (cause you took losses on your houses, had to move the family twice, drive for 2 hours/day)? NO, it’s GOOD for real estate agents and lawyers, and mortgage bankers, and increase in GDP! A decade interest rates forced to within ε of 0 is BAD, you say (cause your 78 y/0 Mom can’t make it off SS and interest off of $300,000 grand they had saved)? NO, it’s GOOD, cause that forces individuals and pension funds into the stock market where the finance guys can get their cut of every transaction, and it’s the only way to make decent returns, forget the risk! Huge school loans are BAD, you say (cause your kid is still working the same job at Starbucks, but now with a mortgage-sized $80,000 loan due from his 4 years of good times, studying Art History)? NO, it’s GOOD, cause the University has a brand new gym, has expanded the campus are by 2 x in 2 decades and increases the number of “seats” by 1000 people each year – the Admins. especially are livin’ large, and hiring new people every week to make new university policies!

Anyway, I think this is where we unz people have quite a bit in common with the zerohedge types. This crap can’t go on, and won’t go on. The Globalists think it will, or at least until they are dead and gone or in their bug-out locales, so they want to keep the GDPs officially increasing, sales of toilet paper and other goods must keep increasing with more real estate deals and company mergers. People just slowly increasing their wealth at the family level, living a productive and quiet life, and having 2 kids in a stable non-diverse population is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

As to whether the economists can or do understand this, that is not their world. They aspire to the big money finance or corporate world, and the quality of life of the populations of the world does not enter into their mathematical models, such as they are.

* Full disclosure: I am not associated with the site, but I used to read it (esp. the comments) a whole lot, to the point of seriously affecting my work.

BTW my "capitalists" was put in quotes, because these are NOT AT ALL Capitalists (with a Capital!). The people running things are "crony-capitalists", and also the real, actual definition of "fascists", as they only are able to stifle all competition via government regulation and control.

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