A Black Rock Band from the 1970's

Posted On: Wednesday - August 2nd 2017 7:44PM MST
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If all you knew were the "music" out now, it'd be hard to believe that there'd even be black musicians playing ANYTHING worth listening to. If you know some history of music, of course there were the blues (more on this coming), jazz, R&B and the Boogie Woogie sounds; you'd know differently.

However, as far as pure Rock goes, besides Jimi Hendrix, of course, but also Prince (he just died), you won't find much. This is Mother's Finest from the low country of South Carolina, who played ROCK MUSIC in the 1970's. They had a couple of white guys, on drums and bass guitar (it was more often, in Southern Rock, the other way around, with the black guys in the "rhythm section".)

A lady named Joyce Kennedy has powerful backing vocals.

"Piece of the Rock" from Another Mother Further:

"Mary had a little lamb,
it's fleece was just as white as snow.
Little Jack Horner stuck in his thumb.
Mary said don't do that no mo!"

(I love the judicious use of ebonics for rhyme here - "mo" rhymes with "snow", don't it?)

As usual, this is only enjoyable with the volume UP.

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