Stevie Ray Vaughn with a Nursery Rhyme

Posted On: Friday - August 4th 2017 9:16PM MST
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That'd be a great trivia question - what are 2 rock songs (OK, or blues) using the same nursery rhyme for lyrics? Stevie Ray Vaughn here, with "Mary had a Little Lamb" here from Texas Flood and just the one verse of "Piece of the Rock" by Mother's Finest from 2 days back.

"Mary had a little lamb.
His fleece was white as snow, yeah,
and everywhere the child went
that little lamb was sure to go, now.

He followed her to school one day,
which broke the teachers rule,
but what a time did they have
that day at school.

Tisket! Tasket! Baby,
a green and yellow basket.
Sent a letter to by baby
and on my way I past it.

(whatever, it's not the lyrics, it's the SOUND, on this one.)

About Stevie Ray, I was just finishing a drive across the country into Los Angeles when I turned on the car AM radio. I heard talk about some local musician dying via a crash of a helicopter. It took a while until they repeated the name. It was sad for me because I'd only been listening to him for about 2-3 years by that point. What a musician!

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