REM ... we don't need no steeenking lyrics!

Posted On: Monday - December 12th 2016 7:07PM MST
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Apropos of my theory that lyrics are the least important element of a song, I present exhibit A, REM's Radio Free Europe. It is from the appropriately titled album Murmur. That album is full of great songs, but it's the melodies and the sound (all of them: Peter Buck's guitar riffs, Mike Mill's pounding bass, Bill Berry's drums, and Michael Stipe's voice - though it doesn't matter what he's singing about) that make them great.

Even the youtube "owner" only put up two lines of lyrics, ha! I know this rocks and there's something about a train station, but that's about all of it lyric wise. I believe the other bandmembers admitted that they didn't know what Stipe was on about).


"Calling out, in transit,
calling out, in transit,
Radio Free Europe,
Radio Free Europe"

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