Texas Flood - You're on your own! and "That's a Cold Shot!"

Posted On: Thursday - September 7th 2017 6:51PM MST
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Peak Stupidity may start taking pride in being absolutely untimely in any of our "current events" articles. We may as well, because it seems like articles on current topics seem to get put behind just the general "look at this stupid shit" or "this is how stupid this is" articles. Per Joseph Heller's "Catch 22", perhaps the best thing to do is to take pride in being untimely. Even people who don't watch an hour of TV per week have heard about the flooding in SE Texas from Hurricane Harvey. This was meant to be written about 1 week back. Whatever...

Texas Flood

This post is in no way a disparaging post about Texans, Houstonians in particular, I guess, or anything about this latest natural disaster. It's just a libertarian/federalism thing, I guess, but one time in my life (without using a time machine to go back oh, 6 decades) I'd like to hear the US President, or hell, any Feral government official say "Good luck down there, but it's not our business. We are neither your Daddy or your Mama, so take care of your own problems. We wish you the best."

Hey, this sounds as harsh as something out of an other unreadable Ayn Rand novel, but being a nanny to the US public is not permitted per Bill of Rights Amendment X, plain and simple. Now, I'd sure preface my remarks with some words of sympathy, of course. We can all feel for the good people of Texas, and even more so with another big storm barreling up past Cuba right now. It's just that the American people have drifted so far away from their roots of independence, self-reliance and all that, so maybe it's time for some tough love, even if it's a pretty "Cold Shot":

That's Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Trouble playing "Cold Shot" from the album "Texas Flood" released in 1983. It's an old blues song.

UPDATE: Ron Paul just chimed in on this. (Well, I just saw it on Unz.com, anyway.)

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