Too many Anchor-Ruskies according to the Lyin' Press

Posted On: Friday - September 8th 2017 7:55AM MST
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On Peak Stupidity today: Soviet infiltrator or cute Russian boy? We report and decide.
You read and STFU. ;-}

(Now, see this is what we've talking about - more baby pics for the women readers, that demographic has been a weak spot for us - PS Marketing Department)

Steve Sailer posts on unz his take on from his reading (he reads A LOT!) of this "Daily Beast" article on Russian anchor-babies. I glanced at the article too and see why Sailer has commented. This is a good of the Lyin' Press in action or really inaction, as it is an example of lying by omission.

One paragraph of history first. The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution was passed just after the War of Northern Aggression, and signed only under duress by the Southern states during the occupation called "the Reconstruction". Whatever you think about that last part, the idea of it was to give the freed black slaves the right to vote or participate in politics by making sure it was clear they were US citizens, along with other sections that expanded the jurisdiction of the Feral Government The Amendment was adopted in 1968. The 1st sentence of Section 1 is the only thing involved here in the "anchor-baby" issue, the idea that anyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen:
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
Clear enough. No, read it carefully. The "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" is the part that is conveniently left out by those who believe the "automatically a citizen" part. Are non-English-speaking Chinese ladies who give birth at a Gay Bay Area hospital subject to the jurisdiction thereof? Of our US Feral Government, are they? What do their passports say about it?

How about Mexican senoras who have just crossed over from Nogales, having already broken the law? If they are not in custody for that crime, I guess they're not. Peak Stupidity has no lawyers that can answer this (or any other) serious question, but Miss Ann Coulter gave a pretty damn good argument that we could not fully follow, and she IS some kind of lawyer (the odd kind, really - the ones trying to give the other 99% a good name).

Alrighty, back to the Lyin' Press - affiliated Daily Beast and their article all worried about a few hundred "Baby Ivans" that have been born lately on Trump property. Ha, kind of ironic I guess, too. They are AGAINST IT! OK, I'm glad these guys have been reading some Ann Coulter or something from a constitutional lawyer not named Øb☭ma. However, here comes the lying by omission as Sailer points out. By a well-known process improved by Peak Stupidity, Inc, called rectal extraction, we reckon that Chinese anchor babies born are at least 3 orders of magnitude (1000 times) more common than these Russians. Most of the Chinese are purposeful events too, as they are just very savvy folk. On the other hand, some of the Latin American anchor-babies may not be planned, and some are, but either way, those numbers are probably another 1/2 order of magnitude higher. Again, rectal-extraction-level numbers here, but this is no small amount in total. These Russian little ones are a drop in the bucket.

Why is this latest drop-in-the-bucket number from the Russians such a big deal? Does every part of the Lyin' Press stick to the narrative of "Russians are Bad, mmmkaay"? This is not 1975. They know that, I think. I believe that the LP has got a bug up their collective ass ONLY from the Russian babies because they just don't like white people to come here.

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