Wondering when we'll hear the rest of the story on sick Hillary

Posted On: Wednesday - December 14th 2016 1:49PM MST
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Hopefully this will become something that nobody cares about anymore really soon. However, since we're still hearing loud whining from the left-wing about "the Russians!" and states' rights (via voting by states, not population), which is keeping this nutcase in the news, we at Peak Stupidity deserve a follow-up on the H.O.H - Health Of the Hildabeast - to know what the real story is with it her.

Will it be like in Soviet Russia, where she fades from view, and we hear once in a while some rumors about an illness, and then we are told about 5 years later she has been dead for 4 years or so already? Our government-media is very similar to the old Soviet media, except we have bigger TV sets (we call them "screens" now) and higher-resolution TV signals with which to view the lies, and more women with blond hair and big tits to spew them.

I'd just like to know if the Parkinsons story was true. There were a lot of doctors' on-line diagnoses, and one guy in particular (I think Breibart displayed his views) that sounded pretty convincing.

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