Movie actor/hot wife end self-imposed exile to formerly-safe formerly-Great Britain

Posted On: Thursday - September 14th 2017 10:14AM MST
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Famous movie actor and hot wife ending self-exile due to safety concerns for little newborn twins - forget why they moved to begin with, apparently, as no statement, so....

The guy is George Clooney and his wife is an international human rights lawyer who doesn't relate well with ISIS, but that's not important .. HOT, so this picture does not have the aspect ratio (width/height) of a normal presentation of graphics on this site, about 1.5:1 or so for site compactivity. This is because we just got done saying she is hot, so the bottom of the image just could not be cropped - wouldn't be purient prudent.

Per Breitbart yesterday, this movie-power-couple is apparently more scared of a Moslem terrorist organization that may have it in for them than the totalitarianism that should have already ensued in America due to Donald Trump becoming president here. Now, Peak Stupidity reckons we are pretty much AT totalitarianism, or the Police State, at least, President Trump notwithstanding. Additionally, we wish Mr. Trump would act a bit MORE like a tyrant than the mush-headed idiot he has become, and JUST! DO! WHAT! HE! CAN! OF! WHAT! HE! PROMISED! Last week brought Peak Stupidity's and many Americans' hopes up high, and things don't look so bright today (DACA in particular).

Back to Mr. Clooney and the (hot) wife, they will be having a kid have newborn twins (yeah, I don't keep up with People and The Enquirer - so sorry!), so things look mighty different to them vs. their rash move to escape the coming tyranny. Actually, were they honest with us, they would admit it was just to make a statement - moving costs to England are chump change to them. Per Breitbart:
Life & Style magazine reported last week that the 56-year-old Oscar-winner will move his newly-expanded family to his mansion in Studio City, California, after deeming his 17th century mansion in Sonning, England to be not sufficiently safe for them.

“As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement,” an unnamed Clooney “insider” told the magazine. “His mansion in Studio City [Calif.] was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station.”
Within minutes of the police station no less; yeah, why can't we all be that close - no, never mind, or be armed? Hmmm, can't do that so easily in Jolly Old Diversified Current England, can ya', old chap?
“He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” the source told Life & Style. “He’s determined to move his family to LA, where he feels much more secure.”
It's not quite the same beautiful countryside you may have seen through the pot-smoke haze in the theater, oops, theatre, watching Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same" is it, govner?
The report comes as England has been rocked by terrorist attacks in recent months, including the terrorist bombing of a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande in Manchester in June that claimed the lives of 22 people, many of them young children.

In May, British government officials disclosed that 23,000 known jihadi terrorists are believed to be residing in Britain, far more than the 3,000 that had initially been reported.
Wait, but, but ... you left America because Donald Trump threatened to (but hasn't, the pussy) keep out a lot of Moslems. I thought that ... now you want to come back cause ... wait... let me take some medicine, my brain is hurting. This is the hypocrisy part that you get out these "artists" a whole lot more than ordinary people. They can reverse their words, "Hey, we weren't wrong - no, just watch me in my next movie, I'm suave and my wife is hot - that's all you need to know" "Don't crop the bottom of her picture."

I'm not a big reader of Breitbart just due to formatting and ads and crap, but they do this story justice:
The move for the Clooneys comes as both George and Amal have been among the most vocal and active celebrity advocates for open borders and the free flow of refugees between countries.


George has also been an outspoken critic of Trump, telling The Guardian in a March 2016 interview that he believes Trump to be a “xenophobic fascist” and an “opportunist.” He previously described Trump’s immigration policy proposals as “idiotic” and “intolerant.”

Clooney owns several homes throughout the world, including a massive estate in Lake Como, Italy. The actor has previously taken extensive security measures to keep his home in Italy private, and in 2015, local mayor Robert Pozzi reportedly imposed a $600 fine on anyone found trespassing near the actor’s property.
Oh, I wish I could do the sound Tony Soprano would make at this point - it must be an Italian thing, but you can't do it in text form. It's like "Oh ooh" while you slap your kid on the side of the face. Then, "You got a wall? Around your house? You got the nerve! I loved you in Oh Brother! like a brother! Now, you're dead to me, ya' hear dat? You do this, today, on the day of my 414th blog post? Imagine ya' Muddah! You're dead to me!"

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