Russians and Chinese and Bears, oh my! (and Pandas) Pt. 1

Posted On: Saturday - September 16th 2017 1:25PM MST
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As one can see from the title, I can already tell this will be 2 separate posts, which is a step in the right direction for Peak Stupidity (having a plan for the direction of future posts, that is). This post is about the small problems we at Peak Stupidity have with these two nations/ethnicities vs. what "America" (really the American Feral Government and its sack-hangers) has with it. The 2nd post will be more about the effect of Communism on both of these big lands and populations, and how the people have come through it differently.

"The Neocons" topic key is attached to this post, as they are a major factor in stirring up animosity, or at least worry, about these two major players in world history, especially regarding the Russians. Though China, of course, is more up and coming economically, or already there, you could say, Russia is still an important part of the world. It would behoove the "leaders" of this country to act responsibly with regards to these 2 powers, and part of that is for the statesmen (haha, haven't seen a real one of those in a while) to use diplomacy while keeping American's interest in mind when dealing with them. That would be a nice change over rhetoric that may have been very appllicable during the Cold War / Chairman Mao eras for the Soviets and the Red Chinese respectively. (One could say without argument from Peak Stupidity that the Red Chinese were also on the other side of this Cold War - true, the hot wars did involve the Chinese, but OTOH, the political maneuvering, weapons races, subterfuge and what most think of the "Cold War" involved the USSR.) That same rhetoric is downright silly now, as we are not dealing with the same people or government on either side.

Please don't think this post (and #2) are here to badmouth everything "America" and tout the new Ruskies and new Chinese. There's good and bad, and in fact, due to having more personal knowledge of China than Russian, Peak Stupidity has either 2 or 3 articles coming on the good/bad of modern China.

Moscow in modern Russia

OK, then, Russia first. In my opinion, the Cold War rhetoric and the acual military "boxing-in" by NATO of the country of Russia has been going on for almost 3 decades after the demise of the USSR due to 2 reasons:

A) The Deep State per the original definition discussed here fears death, as do most people and about all organizations. They do not want to get off the gravy train of huge un-budgeted US government funds and fun times playing international man of mystery around the world. In addition to keeping this Cold War 2.0 thing going they are focusing their skills inward - another topic - see US Police State.

B) The Neocons are just a warmongering crowd that is still flush with power (oh, yeah, it'll fade when the money stops). Russia is as good a bogeyman as any, and for these guys, it's just a big game of Risk.

What are these people pretending to be worried about? Is Russia going to take over the world? Where's their empire? Will they raise the price of oil without our control and say-so? Does that last question even matter much? Most thinking Americans who are not part of this sham have no idea why this "Russian Bear" is any threat to us. This is not 1965 dammit (to cover it better, not 1945 to 1985).

Here's Peak Stupidity's problem with the Ruskies: Most of the spam comments and stupid hacking attempts that we've seen are from IP #'s that are attached to locations in Russia. Admittedly they could be spoofed IP #'s from people elsewhere, but why would they pick Russian IP's? Are these Russians so bored and devoid of good ideas that they feel they should spend the best years of their lives putting impossible-to-read viagra ads on Peak Stupidity? C'mon guys! Keep this crap up and I'll be a Juan McCain supporter! Bombs away, you hackers, figuratively speaking. (That was a joke about Senator McAmnesty - the reader should know how I feel about that scumbag by now.). OK, so the Russians can be annoying hackers, but that's not a reason to start a war.

Peking in modern China

This post is STILL getting long, but now on to China. Look at the background in that picture. (OK, NOT a good example, but just wanted to show some China-looking architecture). There are 20 cities or more that are the size of, or bigger than, New York City! Hell, it could be 50. 10 years back, 5 cities had modern subways, now it could be also 20 - just duckduckgo it - I don't like checking stuff every 2 minutes while writing - this is a descriptive post, coming from my head, not Wiki. Yes, as my next couple of posts on Chinese infrastructure will elaborate on, this country is growing massively economically. There is something to be afraid of, if you are an American entrenched in the Feral Gov't who is used to American ruling the waves, skies, and space, no doubt. There IS indeed a worry for regular Americans about how we will have decent jobs, hence lives, in this new limited-manufacturing economy of ours. When the reputation of the US economy and the US dollar along with it, go down the tubes, the Chinese will have the money to do what they want to WITHIN the US economically too. Maybe it'll just be buying up a few National parklands to mow down the trees, maybe it'll be as far as turning Americans into colonial indentured servant types - this all remains to be seen.

With that all said (got your blood pressure up high enough yet?), then why should this broke country, America, spend money defending the Spratley Freaking Islands, or Formosa (they're calling it Taiwan now, see, cause they rule the waves), or anywhere west of California? (yeah, screw Hawaii, other than Steve McGarrett and Danno, who cares about the place.). Enough, you can't be an empire when you're broke, I hate to break it to these people. The best way to defend ourselves from what's coming down economically is to become self-sufficient again. Could that possibly happen? The welfare state would have to be severely dismantled and the warfare state wouldl have to cease-and-desist. That is about as likely as the end of what my main beef with China is, in the next paragraph.

Peak Stupidity's main problem with China is still CHEAP CHINA-MADE CRAP!. See, I'm thinking locally not globally here. How can you fix small stuff that breaks within a year, but not 30 days, of purchase when there are hardly any small hardware stores around, and they don't have 1/2 the stuff you used to be able to get? They are shipping this crap over here to slow down our productivity, as documented right HERE, see as project QASFAM IV. There is no time left for new ideas and projects, when your shit keeps breaking! That is my problem with China, and I think the State Department should drop everything and take up this matter.

So, should the average American be worried or even scared of the Russian Bear and the Chinese man-eating Panda? Not in the ways that the elites tell us, we shouldn't. No. We'd better start taking care of our own business, to have a good chance against the Chinese economy, and as for the Russians, just don't buy viagra off the comments here, and hopefully they'll get the hint and get back to Math, Master Chessplaying, and Metallurgy. Or, at least, Bears, Beets, and Battlestar Galactica.

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