Georgy Girl by The Seekers

Posted On: Thursday - October 5th 2017 11:55PM MST
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This folk music "combo" (that's what they called bands back then) was from Australia. The lady is one Judith Durham, and this concert was in Melbourne, Australia, at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in 1967. It was a homecoming for them after having success with this song, and, as it turns out, a number of others, that I've never heard in America and Great Britain. Oh, also, the 200,000 people in attendance set a record for the Southern Hemisphere - it's probably a lot easy to set records there!

The Seekers were named "Australians of the Year" the next year. It's kind of quaint that this band would be the biggest thing going*, for this country of 12,000,000 non-diversified people back then. Look at the audience - would you rather have lived in Australia back then than now? That's an easy one.

* Well, yes, this was before AC-DC.

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