Unitarian Stupidity - it's how they roll at the UU.

Posted On: Monday - October 23rd 2017 11:09AM MST
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Two signs up at the Unitarian Universalist "Church"

These people take the cake. Most of the Unitarians are the nicest, not-necessarily hardest-working, educated people you may run into in any kind of so-called or actually-called church. Damn, though, they are exhibit A of the Peak Stupidity dictum (created Right Here, Right Now) - It takes a lot of intelligence to be really, really stupid. Ask your average Communist how many years he spent in grad. school. I guarantee you it'll be more years than you spent!

First they had the Invite-The-World signs up for a long time. Hey guys, you may bring in your token refugee that the tax-payers are supporting (OK, I GET IT, you are providing pastries, and not expecting any pledges from these people), but do you think they will grow up as, or remain Unitarian Universalists? Do you all think that they even understand your concepts of altruism? Do you think they believe in inviting the whole world into their countries? Is the Moslem "community" that has taken over most of Dearborn, Michigan inviting the Christians to come to their churches?

Many of the Unitarians don't have any kids. That may explain their cavalier attitude in destroying the culture of their country, one that puts up pretty well with their nonsense. (That'll only work, though, until the country is no longer a white Christian one, with rule of law still somewhat extant. After that ....) However, there are plenty of people without kids who still care about America. They go to various churches, but somehow the ones that end up as Unitarians just don't get what's coming due to the actions of groups that they support.

Now, there was the big Black Lives Matter banner up on a wall of the Unitarian Church, along with the other signs. Looking for token Black members are you? Or are you just trying to piss off the neighbors? This brings up a theory. This theory may explain and relieve the UU folks of some of the assumed stupidity, but that would make them more like evil. Maybe here's the deal. The church building needs a lot of work, maybe? Bills are coming due? Why not egg on all the neighbors you can, until one devil-may-care type decides he's had enough and burns down the damn building. Is that the idea? Possibly it's more like, let's see if we can get evidence of someone ripping down our sign. Then, we'll have it made! The story about this raciss bastard will be all in the news, and we'll be heroes!

Well, what's it gonna be, folks, are you stupid or evil, or a little of both?

Unitarian place of "worship". Screw you people!

Maybe if you "worshipped" in a real architecturally beautiful old-style church, like those in Boston, where U-all started out, you could get back to God and think about YOUR people. Instead, you hang out in this glorified butler building and talk about inviting the world to screw up everything that is good in your culture. Your altruism, whether real, or contrived for status-signalling, is still going to help turn this country into a place where trust and altruism will no longer exist. Then who will attend the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, huh?

PS. Why all the topic tags attached to this post? Well, it takes a lot to cover the various flavors of stupidity that are the tenets of the UU faith. The Bible tag is probably not necessary, as I don't think many of them have read it, but it has been underutilized here, as of late.

PPS. Hey, they are mostly nice people, as I said. They are interesting to talk to if you avoid the cntrl-left craptrap. Me, I can't.

There are a FEW young Unitarians:
"Mary Moon, she's a Unitarian, Mary Moon, Mary Moon"

Oh, OK, maybe it's "vegetarian", as it might be my chronic Lyricosis flaring up. That was Deadeye Dick with " New Age Girl" with that great harmony and lyric "She don't eat meat, but she sure like the bone". Whoa! I didn't even remember that part from this late 1990's song.

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