I'm just a cross-tie walker ...

Posted On: Thursday - October 26th 2017 7:44PM MST
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... where the freight train runs.

Last week sometime early in the morning, we were riding through the outskirts of a fairly small town. Dawn had only started about 5 minutes earlier, and there was just enough light outside to see that it was still really dark along along the path of the railroad line that we were crossing.

I'm no hobo, mind you, but I've walked my share of cross-ties down the railroad tracks. It just looked so tempting that particularly nice morning. There was not a light from civilization down the tracks as far as my eyes could see. It just seemed like there was a place one could go and not be in view of anyone or any prying cameras. It's pretty hard to do that anymore, as privacy is becoming a thing of the past.

I could walk the tracks and go a long ways to nowhere without fences, or worse, modern-day curvy cul-de-sac neighborhoods where you can't get anywhere easily, and even if you spiral your way out, you will end up at a big box store or outlet mall. I'd rather just move along the tracks straight and level, and see the country and be happy that no one cares where I am at the time.

"If you see me a-coming, don't you waste my time.
Cause there's more miles between us, than the Santa Fe line...."

The band Creedence Clearwater Revival, featuring the lead singer John Fogerty with, in Peak Stupidity's opinion, the best voice ever in rock music, released "Cross-Tie Walker" way back 48 years ago (!!), in the summer of 1969 on the album "Green River".

This was written by John Fogerty, like most of the bands songs, and I like these lyrics a lot. I am shocked, shocked, I tells ya, the I've not posted any music by CCR until now. Like 75% of the music posted on Peak Stupidity, you can't listen to this one with the volume low, so don't even try.

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