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Posted On: Friday - October 27th 2017 10:30AM MST
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Hey, we at Peak Stupidity don't believe the hype about "The Russians are coming!", and understand that Russia ≠ Soviet Union. However some spam comments that were ramping up toward a serious threat to the integrity of Peak Stupidity were mostly coming from "The Russians". All that may mean is that some losers with way too much time on their hands may have found spoofing Russian (and some Chinese) IP numbers to be the easiest route to spam-stupidity.

If any of our readers have seen them, they will understand how stupid this annoyance is, as the spam-comments were just about unreadable. Sure, we don't get a lot of comments, but that doesn't bother me personally, as I know we have quite a few regular readers now (that aren't moonlighting as Russian or fake-Russian spammers).

What's the point here, again? Oh yeah, if you are going to write a comment, please start the body of it with the two capital letters PS together. You can put a space after that, dashes, no space, or whatever, but please think of this before you hit SUBMIT. If you don't, the comment will just be lost.

The whole "capcha" thing can be incorporated, but I personally don't like using that system, as necessary as it may be on some busy sites. This way here was very simple to implement. It is sort of an experiment for me too, as I want to see what these spam-bots are all about. Does a human involved in such a business an endeavor an activity this waste of time actually read stuff such as what I'm writing now? If so, will they bother to change their bot around just for Peak Stupidity?

We are not the Myth Busters, but, yeahhh, I think we can handle this experiment.

Posting will remain kind of light for a while, but as usual, due to time constraints more than lack of stupid ideas.

[NOTE 10/28 AM:]
I didn't want to add another post for this, but I noticed that unz.com is off-line this morning still, and this started Friday evening. Of the only 4 sites on the Peak Stupidity blogroll, this one is the most robust, with only rare occasional small bugs, and with a site "operator", Mr. Ron Unz, who is a computer guy himself and seems to take good care of the software. So, this is surprising.

If this is the cntrl-left and their minions doing a denial-of-service attack (maybe the easiest way to stop people from spreading the truth), you'd think they'd hestitate to block unz due to some of the stupid shit that unz features on there. There are out-and-out commies on there writing on Chairman Mao, as if that Commie butcher were the Mao's Meow. But, I guess for the cntrl-left, you've got to "break eggs" to make omelets and all that ....

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