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Posted On: Saturday - October 28th 2017 7:32PM MST
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We could go back to the Frankfort "School" or Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt and Great Depression 1.0 and all that, but If we're going to point fingers at just one man who was a big part of the implementation of Socialism in America, Peak Stupidity could do no better than to stick our index finger in the face at this bastard:

Yeah, you, LBJ! The results of your stupidity have been epic!

Note first, that the topic key "Socialism" has been modified to "Socialism/Communism" just to show the relationship between these forms of economic/political stupidity. Now, we have just begin to plumb the depths of this "flavor", if you will, of stupidity, here at Peak Stupidity, starting with the post about the stuff you should have learned in kindergarten. It is time for just a little bit of history, as the implementation of socialism in America (oh, we call it the "welfare state") is a big part of what is responsible for the ruinous state we are in now here.

There is one thing that would help to explain what went on in 1960's America, including the support for the welfare state, and that is simple, it was the richest and most powerful country the world had ever seen, with emphasis here on richest. Even with the logistics involved in fighting a war with 1/2 a million soldiers/sailers/airmen completely on the other side of the world in Vietnam, millions more defending Western Europe from the Soviets, the left wanted lots more money spent on making a "Great Society", meaning a huge expansion in the already burgeoning welfare state. Yeah, the money was there too. The borrowing to afford all this didn't have to start in earnest until the 1970's. At the beginning, due to the manufacturing might of the United States, the "Guns and Butter" could be paid for, and the welfare state in it's modern form began.

This Great Society per President Lyndon Johnson's (the statist scumbag in the picture above) was a step way out of the Constitutional role of the Federal Government, as defined very simply in Amendment X - "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Well, that didn't concern too many people, except it was still understood by a few liberty-lovers on the right like the great Barry Goldwater, who had unfortunately lost the 1964 presidential election to Johnson. In the meantime, Johnson was recorded (his words, not mine) as saying "this will keep the niggers voting Democrat for the next 50 years". OK, then, the welfare state idea was not a stupid one for Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Democrat party, just for the American people.

Well, time goes by, and now that it's been over 5 decades of the welfare state, not only is the country broke, national-debt-wise, along with a myriad other ways, but the irresponsibility supported and encouraged by it has borne it's fruit. There are families that having been living as dependents of Uncle Sugar for 3 generations now.

Yet, some of the modern conservatives, the alt-right included, rag on the libertarians and anyone who really understands why the founders of America wrote that Constitution. They, and the voters who've put up with the steady expansion of US Feral Government and the welfare state dependency of Americans, may point fingers at some of the guys that started it. Unless you've been standing up for liberty though, you've got 3 fingers pointing back at you, like the song says:

"Because the heart that you break,
that's the one that you rely on.
The bed that you make,
that's the one you gotta lie on.
When you point your finger 'cause your plan fell through,
you got three more fingers pointing back at you, yeah!

"Solid Rock" by Dire Straits from their 1980 album "Making Movies". That's Mark Knofler singing and on lead guitar - last featured on Peak Stupidity
here .

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