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Posted On: Wednesday - November 1st 2017 8:38PM MST
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These two songs from Journey's 1978 album Infinity both feature the singing of not only Steve Perry, with his familiar falsetto voice, but also Gregg Rollie, who may not be as familiar to those only casually acquainted with this '70's - '80's band's music. What great rock this is!

Here's the thing - Feelin' that Way and Anytime that you want Me must be played together mainly because they always have been. That last a cappella "Feelin' that way!" at the end, should have that 1 second pause, then "Oooh-ooh any time that you want me" a cappella part right before the great guitar kicks in. If this does not happen, things are not right with the world. This is not the only case of this in rock music. Queen's Bicycle Race MUST be followed by Fat-Bottomed Girls (though, granted, the latter of those two may be played alone). Another pair of songs by them, We will Rock You and We are the Champions must also go in sequence.

Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker MUST be followed by Livin' Loving Maid (she's just a Woman), both off of Led Zeppelin II because it's just always done that way. There's Jackson Brown's Load Out followed by Stay (just a little bit longer) (a cover song), the band YES's Your Move followed by I've seen all good People (a great tune with lyrics consisting of one long run-on sentence repeated over and over!) ZZ Top's Waitin' on the Bus followed by their awesome version of Jesus just left Chicago is the last one I'll mention for now, but I found a forum with lots more here.

OK, you get the point. I was pulling into the driveway and Feelin' that Way, turned up to full volume of course, was just finishing. I had to sit in the driveway to listen to the follow up song "Oooh ooh, any time that you want me..." Hey, what? Another song came on! You just don't do that - you on-air broadcasters are supposed to be the professionals, damn it! Well, needless to say, the first thing I did inside the house is to get on-line to look up the number of this so-called radio station.

Yes, it had been a while since I had called any station to make a request or be the 20th caller to win a, what we used to call "record album". This DJ let the phone ring for about the length of 2 more songs before he finally answered. "What the hell are you people doing over there?! You always have to play Anytime after Feelin' that Way. How can you do that?" After some hemming and hawing the guy tells me that I should break that to the station manager. "It's not up to me." he goes. Whatever, the entire episode was highly agitating. This kind of crap is what drives people to drinking youtube.

Let's do it right. here on Peak Stupidity:

Don't the 1st 7 seconds of piano remind you of the intro. to Elton John's Tiny Dancer?

Journey was:

Steve Perry - Vocals
Gregg Rolie - Vocals, piano, keyboards
Neal Schon - Lead guitar
Ross Valory - Bass guitar
Aynsley Dunbar - Drums

BTW, the site linked to above mentions many combinations of Dead songs, some of which indeed were expected to be played together, as in Scarlet Begonias/Fire on the Mountain. However, The Dead were known to seque between songs at the spur of the moment, so they are sort-of an exception to the rule here.

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