Journey again - another Gregg Rollie/Steve Perry duet

Posted On: Thursday - November 2nd 2017 6:50PM MST
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If you liked the 2 songs Feelin' that Way and Anytime you want Me from Journey posted yesterday, here is more of the same sound. This is Just the Same Way off of Evolution, about a year after the music from yesterday.

Yes, straight men DID wear their hair and clothes like that in the 1970's. You just had to let that sort of thing slide if you were going to hear some great rock.

Now one can waste a lifetime in a few weeks reading comments on youtube, but I got sucked in OK? With commenting, you're gonna' have arguments, and it was about Rollins vs. Perry's singing. (Perry is by far the most familiar to non-groupie listeners to Journey, as he sang many songs by himself.) I hate to do this, as Peak Stupidity is a family website, but, I'm sure not going to sign up on youtube tonight just to reply to this guy... so I'll do it here:
rick henn, 7 months ago

[sic] sucks. Weak voice. Sounds like his throat is clogged with semen. Can't hold a candle to Steve Perry. Perry is well known as one of the best voices in rock and roll of all time. It's like comparing a fucking donkey (Rolie) to a thoroughbred (Perry). If you can't hear it, you need to get your ears checked or are tone deaf.
Listen, Mr. Henn, from my 3 minutes and 5 seconds of viewing the members of the band here, I could believe any one of those guys' throats were full of semen. It was the 1970's, dammit!

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