You can't even discuss the weather anymore.

Posted On: Wednesday - November 8th 2017 12:59PM MST
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Floyd and Andy - "Yeeeepp, might be a cold front gonna blow through, Andy..."

What is usually the one topic you used to be able to discuss with a complete stranger, just to make conversation? That would be the weather, of course. No, it's still NOT under our control, and we can't predict it more than 4 days out very well, at best. Everyone likes a nice day, or at least a change once in a while.

This is not Mt. Airy, North Carolina, but it is pretty friendly where I live, so a remark about the weather will break the ice, along with a lot of other remarks. The weather remark though, would not, or COULD NOT have been taken badly, and start an argument, back in the past. Now with the Global Climate DisruptionTM nonsense having been blasted at everyone for the last 15 years like a fast-moving blast of sub-arctic(?) air out of a low trough colliding with a 200 millibar pressure peak from hell (OK, that was just some bullshit there), you never know anymore.

Andy: "It sure looks like we got a cold front a-comin' thru; don't you feel it in your bones, Floyd?"

Floyd: "Yeah, this weather is so variable now, due to that there global warming thingy that guy from Raleigh told me about."

Andy (louder): "I said COLD, Floyd, is your hearing aid OK? I can run by the drug store and pick you up some batteries, while I get Ope an ice-cream soda and try to pick up the new girl in town."

Floyd: "I hear just fine, Andy. The whole climate is just crazy, now Andy, due to people like YOU and that deputy of yours driving around in that gas guzzling sheriff's car! Y'all are killing the planet!"

Andy: "Well, I'm just sorry I asked. Now, how 'bout you just cut my hair, Floyd and shut the fuck up!"

Disclaimer: This was not from the original Andy Griffith show series. This is from the new prequel, with a younger, hotter Aunt Bea.

Wait, is blue bad, or is brown bad?

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