I went down to the crossroads ...

Posted On: Monday - November 20th 2017 8:18PM MST
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... fell down on my knee just to take a pee...
don da don dont don da da, don da don dont don da da...
went down to the crossroads fell down on my knees got a blueberry tasty-freeze...
don da don dont don da da, don da don dont don da da...
asked the Hindu inside "Have mercy, save poor Bob where's route 84, if you please?"

I'm no Robert Johnson, and if I'd sold my soul to the devil, I'd have asked for "infinite hot girls" along with the guitar playing skills... I'm no Donald Trump either, but I would have put some thought into this, along with money for a good lawyer (wait, he wouldn't know what a soul was, never mind), uhhh, where was I ... but I was down at a crossroads, driving, not hitching, out in the country (shorter route than the interstates). Well, as predicted previously on Peak Stupidity, I think the road signs are NOT being kept up due to the fact that MOST, but not this traveler, are blindly following their electronics.

See, this T-intersection had a left turn that was pointed out only 1/4 mile back, when you couldn't even see the intersection! I'd been here before but most of a year back, and just once. It came to me that this turn, onto the US-numbered highway - no, not interstate, but a decent two-lane road, had fooled me before, so I turned into the gas station right at the intersection to both relieve myself, get some nabs, and make sure about this turn. "Is that highway 84?", I asked the clerk who was . - Indian. Did I mention this was out in the country? "I don't know." Did I mention this was a US-numbered highway, and the store was right at the intersection? I just mulled this over while using the facilities and figured that this was just weird.

The young Indian guy spoke English well, and was fairly nice, so I really didn't want to cause an argument, but then I was just pissed enough to not buy anything. "I'm curious - how can you live here and not know the roads right here at this intersection? How long have you lived here?", I asked on the way out. "Oh, I've lived here a long time, but I don't drive, so I don't really know the roads." "Oh, I see." Oh, I really do see something here:

As mentioned here recently, but before I'd learned some more details from an acquaintance in the know about just how organized the illegal immigration racket (lots of restaurants are involved) is with the Chinese people, there are millions of illegal aliens in this country of quite a few other ethnicities than just the Chicanos (hey give me a break, I've not finished all the episodes of "Chico and the Man" yet - I'm a bit behind in terminology.) This guy had to have been placed here, just to work in this particular gas station, by some "handlers" as it were, and as ordered by the immigration racketeers in charge, possibly from deep in Bombay or Calcutta. It's just too weird. If this guy had been living there just a little while and even part-way assimilated, he'd be driving. I mean, this was 1 mile or more outside a small town of no more than 5,000 people.

This stuff is everywhere, people. It's out of control, and I don't know of any other country in the whole world that would let this go on for this long. Has this country sold it's soul to the devil like Robert Johnson? What'd we get out of it, a country full of Applebees, Chili's, Ruby Tuesday's, and TGI Fridays (the bread is OK) along with the NFL, March Madness, 517 cable channels full of crap (almost like a circus)? Heck, I still can't play the blues worth a dang, and am barely competent with the "Wildwood Weed" - it's not been a good deal for us. I'm no lawyer, without a soul to be stole, but American really needs to hire one to see if we can nullify this contract with the devil, aka, the elite globalists, to get its soul back.

I believe we're sinkin' down .....

See, these white guys could play, and they probably could afford a better lawyer than Robert Johnson.

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