Ponch and John to the rescue on the 101

Posted On: Wednesday - November 22nd 2017 7:33PM MST
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Man, where are all the cool illegal immigrants like Ponch Poncherello?*

That's US-101, called the Ventura Freeway, the Santa Anna Freeway, or the Hollywood Freeway depending on where you are and which way you're going. Like any road in Southern California since Jim Rockford used to tail people, at $200 per day, + expenses, the word "Freeway" cannot be counted on to be applicable at all times. Yesterday, it was the northbound lanes of this road that got jammed up. No, not a 27-car pile-up due to a woman putting on make-up, but some anti-Trump latina/o's decided to block the lanes with a banner. People hate these antifa wastes-of-human-protoplasm (we at Peak Stupidity have 1st-person knowledge of this) already, but Southern Californians hate traffic jams probably more than that.

This is not the way to win the hearts and minds of the people, people! Here's the cool part, off of iSteve (the link above):
Five protesters were taken into custody, and the lanes were quickly cleared, according to the CHP.
Now, CHP stands for the California Highway Patrol, and we will now explain the post title to our younger readers who have never heard of them. There was this late-1970's TV show that immortalized the CHP back in the day when California was still almost paradise, but put in a little "i" to make the abbreviation CHiPs, the show's title. It seems as though only one CHiP officer came to the scene... probably John, as his Chicano* partner Ponch (Officer Frankl Poncheralla) was probably in the middle of his siesta at this time of day. He tore down the poster pretty quickly and got the traffic going. We are not fans of the US Police State, but yes blocking the freeway with a banner is not legal, and that is a decent use of the highway patrol for a change.

"We've got a 7-Mary-3 over here on the northbound 101 at mile marker 223. There are a couple of Mary's, no 7 Mary's blocking the road, and we've only got 3 tasers, so call it a 7-Mary-3. OK, it's done. Call rampart, yeah, patch us over to that other show, "Emergency", so we can get these Mary's patched up, then ship them off to Bellevue." Wait, I may be conflicted among a plethora of action '70's TV shows here, but YOU GET THE IDEA, RIGHT?

Well, some lightly-annoyingly-accented Latina chick filmed the whole thing, and it sounds like she was part of the crew that decided to win the hearts and minds of the people trying to get to work on time. (The video is at the same link.) It's really hard to tell whether this chick is so damn stupid to really believe what she spouts out or just trying to push the envelope to the hard-left a little further. It is hilarious:

- "Oh my God. They're holding a fucking banner on the 101 freeway, and he's ... ripping that..."
- "This is fucking absurd.. a cop from the highway patrol is ripping the banner and threatening the protesters..."

I can't continue. Even 5 minutes or so of extreme stupidity exposure (listening to this sick broad) could be damaging, according to the hard-working folks at "our" OSHA, but the one cop got the mess cleaned up that quick. Kudo's from Sergeant Getraer for cleaning up the situation.

Our illustrious narrator just didn't get the anarcho-tyranny she expected while eating her refried beans and listening to the Mexican Radio the other morning.

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