America - Ventura Highway

Posted On: Wednesday - November 22nd 2017 8:02PM MST
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I imagine the acoustic rock/easy listening group America wrote the title in reference to the Ventura Freeway, back in the day when these roads were reasonably new and didn't have the amount of traffic that would turn it into a parking lot very often. What a time that would have been to live in California!

Since bringing up this highway two posts back, this would be some good music for tonight. This band was formed by 3 guys whose Dads were stationed in London, England for the US Air Force in 1970. There songs were mostly acoustic guitar stuff, with great melodies.

America was Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek, all of whom sung and played guitars.

"Ventura Highway in the sunshine,
where the days are longer
the nights are stronger than moonshine.
You're gonna go I know....

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