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Posted On: Monday - December 19th 2016 8:28PM MST
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A commenter named "Andrea Ostrov Letania" sums up a plethora of American stupidity and a kind of quandrey for the globalists with this great comment under this article about violence by Mexican immigrants.

"On the matter of RUSSIA interfering to help elect Trump...

This is what I don't get.

Globalists have been telling us that nationalism is so passe, so over.

Let's have open borders. Ideas about national independence and sovereignty are quaint, atavistic.

Some states say even non-citizens should be given the vote, even illegals, and some states don't even bother to check if those registered to vote are citizens.

And no problem that the most important newspaper in the US is 'owned' by a Mexican who isn't even Mexican but a Lebanese. A 'Mexican' owning an 'American' paper.

Also, big cities in the US don't even force national laws. They offer 'sanctuary' status to illegals who broke national laws.

So, if the NATION doesn't matter anymore and if everything should be open/global, what's wrong with Russia or any other nation interfering with US elections?

Hey, it's Open Borders Politics. I say let's give amnesty to Russian hackers if they were indeed responsible. If we should give amnesty to 20 million illegals in America, what's all this fuss about national security? Those hackers aren't so bad. They are just undocumented political activists.

It's funny that Globalists who've done everything to undermine national security, national identity, and national unity are now the very people who are making all this noise about how some FOREIGN nation messed with our NATIONAL election.

The Globalists have been calling the nationalists who supported Trump as deplorable 'xenophobes', but it's now the Glob that is now in total 'Russophobic-Xenophobic' mode of how some 'foreign body' messed with our sacred NATIONAL election.

But then, the current US is really batty. It yammers endlessly about how the US military and government are doing everything to ensure that other nations don't threaten OUR WAY OF LIFE... but then, it also says the US, being an exceptional and indispensable nation, has the right to invade and intervene in other nations to determine their WAY OF LIFE, like surrendering to the homo agenda and multi-culti Diversity. Globalism sure works funny. Other nations don't mess with our WAY OF LIFE, but we should interfere with theirs. I mean how dare Russia not have massive homo parades on Red Square that commemorates 20 million dead in WWII? Them Russkies got no sense of priorities.

I hadn't thought of that contradiction before and wouldn't have been able to sum it up so well myself.

[UPDATED:] Here is an article out today on that makes the same point, but in a more wide-reaching, historical manner. One thing he left out is not the latest Clinton Foundation pay-to-play business, but the Bill Clinton White House dealings in the 1990's involving giving away American sovereignty to the Chinese Commies in return for money and favors.

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