Gerry Rafferty on The Days Gone Down

Posted On: Tuesday - December 12th 2017 9:48PM MST
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A year's gone by and I've never put up any music of one of my favorite musical artists of all time. I could come up with 50 great songs by the late Mr. Gerry Rafferty of Scotland. Gerry Rafferty has got the smoothest male singing voice I've ever heard.

Besides the great song, this youtube video shows Gerry and his band in the studio recording the song. I couldn't have gotten to see this back when the guy was popular. (Baker Street was his biggest hit as a solo artist, from his City to City album, one with no filler - just 10 great songs in a row!) Youtube can be a blessing some times.

(It's always kind of chilly in Scotland, which explains the beard on that drummer... I guess)

"We won't forget the days gone down.
They're written in our hearts, yeah yeah,
and we're as much in tune as we were right at the start,
It all seems so much harder now, it seemed so easy then, yeah yeah.
Well someday just for fun we might do it all again."

Two cool things about Gerry Rafferty:

1) He liked to carry over lyric lines from song to song. The "written in our hearts" appeared as the title song on City to City - Whatever's written in your Heart. There are more deals like that, even carrying over from his music in The Humblebees and Steeler's Wheel.

2) He had the best album covers. The good ones were paintings by his artist friend, Patrick Byrne, who Gerry sings about in a song called Patrick from long ago - a good one for another night.

RIP, Gerry Rafferty - I wish I'd met you or seen you play in person.

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