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Posted On: Monday - December 18th 2017 10:17PM MST
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From the album "Snakes and Ladders" here's a "video" (audio only) that features Gerry Rafferty's great voice, if you play it on speakers bigger than these computer tweeters.

"Welcome to Hollywood" is kind of an appropriate one to put up now, with all the scandals I have obliquely read about - it's not that there aren't scandals 24/7/365 in that town, but there's some kind of meta-scandal going on, with bitter post-prime women behind it. I don't care, but in the music business, even way back, it mattered who you knew and smoozed, but Gerry Rafferty wanted no part in any of that.

This song is pretty distainful of that big music scene, and a youtube commenter writes:
f you want to know the whole deal with Gerry then check out the BBC documentary in 4 parts which on YT. GR was very suspicious of everything he hated about the music business. A perfectionist who didn't really want to play the Music Biz game.....he wanted to do his own thing and wasn't going to compromise the direction he wanted to go in! A very sad end to a brilliant mind and gifted musician.
By "sad end", the commenter means Gerry's death from ills due to heavy drinking.

It's admirable that Mr. Rafferty didn't want to be part of the big music biz - nothing wrong with making lots of money, but it sounds like, from my reading, he wanted to live a quiet artistic life in England and Scotland. His music probably was all the better for it.

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