Babylon - David Gray

Posted On: Tuesday - January 2nd 2018 6:03PM MST
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Youtube had the original "official video" of this great song, but the video didn't fit the images that have been in my mind from this song from back in 1999. Though it was released in the summer of '99 per wikipedia, it couldn't have been summer when I first heard it, maybe the following fall or winter. It was a sort of gloomy time in a way. Things were not going badly in life, but where I lived was gloomy, and I had just been there a while living like a hermit. Because I was not sure I would stay long, I didn't get a phone connected up, nor the internet, and I was already off TV. It was nice for a while but it got dark early and I just read books and bought some music to listen to.

This song just went great with the mood I was in, and I don't need a video now to spoil the memory. I've never listened to anything else by this Englishman David Gray, but this is worth a listen to every once in a while.

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