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Posted On: Wednesday - January 3rd 2018 7:27PM MST
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Yeah, the term "trending" itself has been trending for a while too; all sorts of shit is trending. The stupidity of Political Correctness has been trending upwards for a long while, but it was brought home to me how bad it is now when watching a video about tugboats with my kid.

Right away, you can tell this was a different era.

We watched the "film" (yeah, "film", vs. movie, has been trending for a while with the upscale kids) about these tugboats pushing and pulling some big cruise ships and cargo ships into New York harbor. From the background, I didn't have to wait until the end to see that this video was made before September 11 of 2001, but likely in the late 1990's.

That explained why the video was not painful to watch in terms of the PC normally embedded all in it. It is amazing to realize that even only 20 years back, we didn't put up with, or sometimes have to put up with, the gender neutral pronouns (or worse!) - hey, they are tugboat drivers - all men. The guys in the video were white men, including the harbor pilot (he gets on-board the big vessel just for the close in maneuvering in/out of the harbor, as he is a local guy - they are not used as much anymore). What a pleasure it was to watch a normal, not Politically-Corrected video. It's worse, see, with a kid, as you can't explain all the stupid PC stuff when they have it, as he can't understand the point, but I want to point it out anyway.

Dr. Suess (see here, here, and here ) may or may not be rolling around in his grave, with the help of Thing 1 and Thing 2, as videos of his works were made. The Cat in the Hat series has the brother and sister being of different race. It is not explained anywhere how that came about. Are there no easy kid's words that rhyme with "baby daddy"? There's no point to this other than to just piss off the parents in front of their kids, as explanation of the stupidty at that age is not possible.

Just to end on a bright note, there is youtube! Yes, they have already tried some modes of censorship, so I do hope competitors become as ubiquitous. We would have never been able to see all of the "Mighty Machines" series without youtube, though. This is a great one for little boys. Though filmed in Canada, mostly Toronto and Montreal, the episodes were made in the middle 1990's so they are still a pleasure to watch. There are a fair share of women machines - the machines do the talking, see, so they had to get that in. What's pretty amusing, though, is the gruff French-Canadian voice of a few of the machines. My kid didn't know what to think, so I told him that's a French accent. It does not do the French-Canadian folks justice though, so I'm surprised the show is still on the air youtube. Sacre blue!

It's great that we can go back no further than the 1990's, when lots of video was being made, to watch un-PC stuff and just enjoy the show.

"Mighty machines
Big and mighty machines
working for you doing mighty things,
they're mighty machines"

Lifting and pulling and flying so high,
building a building up to the sky.
You can watch 'em all day,
and then you'll know why,
they're mighty machines!"

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