The last of the beat poets

Posted On: Saturday - January 20th 2018 7:37PM MST
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The Peak Stupidity blog has beat this beatnik topic like a red-headed stepchild over the last couple of days, so this should be the last of it. I was not there to witness these pre-hippy beatniks, but I guess you could say that the beatniks were the John the Baptist to the Hippies that thought they were Jesus, once the LSD kicked in. (From our Peak Stupidity research, the beatniks did more than their share of that stuff too.)

Because there weren't a whole lot of movie cameras, much less VHS video cameras around during that long-ago era, compared to the ubiquity of video recording going on today, I can't get you even B&W recordings of Allen Ginsburg or William Boroughs. Apparently, the youtube crews were not able to gain access to the clubs and homo-erotic LSD road-trip-planning sessions due to being blacklisted as Non-Communists (as opposed to today, when they'd fit right in!) Therefore, here is one of the latter-day beat poets:

That was Mike Myers in "So, I Married an Axe Murderer". You know, I think I've just seen bits and pieces of this 1993 comedy, but since the mandated-PC stuff hadn't geared up yet by '93, I need to see that. Mike Myers is one of the most versatile funny guys; the girl in that scene is co-star Nancy Travis, the alleged axe murderer.

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