Wheww, Feral Gov't shutdown narrowly averted

Posted On: Tuesday - January 23rd 2018 9:11AM MST
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I don't know what we would have become of us, here at Peak Stupidity, had the US Feral Government shut down for more than that 1 day, or maybe a week ... say 3 months or ... call it 20 years.

OMG! Whatever shall we do without the "services" of "our" Motherland Security Department?

Shut it down forever! Average Americans would have been disgusted with the thought there would be a Nazi/Commie - named organization like this only 20 years back.

As is our de-facto policy here of chiming in on current political events ... about a day or week later, many may be aware that the Chuck Schumer (Gun-control-freak - NY) threatened Fed-Gov shutdown has come and gone. If you're keeping up with the actual politics, this was a threat to President Trump over immigration non policy, and the President called Schumer's bluff and Schumer folded.

The ridiculousness of the politics behind this is point 1 here, and I will bring up a thought or combination of thoughts from unz commenters on this. This is also what probably made the D's (Blue wing of The Party) back off. When boiled down to the gist of it, this 1-day government shutdown was about: "We, the Democrats, will shut down the Feral Gov't because we want it to do absolutely nothing to stop an invasion of the United States! We will start it back up when you, Mr. Trump, agree to not have it do anything to stop the invasion - Deal or no deal?" I think most of the American public is wise enough to have thought "No deal." The super-ironic, and very sad aspect of the politics on this is that controlling the borders of the country is one of the very few functions that this Federal Beast is supposed to be doing per US Constitution - not written to create this beast.

That's the 2nd point here. We've got a legitimate and, in fact, the most important, function of the US Government, a common defense, that hasn't been, and is still not being applied. Yet, the threat is to stop the US Gov. from doing 100's of thousands of functions that ARE NOT specified by the US Constitution and prohibited by Amendment X. A seriously long shutdown is scary to the people IN the government, as it may shake off some of the dependence on it by the taxpayers hooked on the various programs of the shell-game wealth transfer. Right now, lots of the public does get scared both due to this dependence and 50 years of big media (aka Lyin' Press) sack-hanging on this Feral Beast. If the Fed-gov truly shut down for months, there would be a period of trouble and reckoning, but there are still many Americans who still have a memory of freedom and will find says to take care of all these former "important functions" and come out much better - the deadbeats would have to be dragged along or left to wallow in the mud.

Here's the 3rd point: All the real government functions, Constitutional and mostly not, aside, the big show in all of these shutdowns involves the small but fun stuff. There'll be big news about complaints that the National Parks are closed, one can't get into the National Air and Space museum, the Post Office* is out of stamps, blah blah. Hey, this stuff IS inconvenient, but most of the people, whether put-out or not, do not understand that all of this kind of stuff put together is a negligible < 1 % part of the $4,000,000,000,000 yearly budget of the Fed-gov. "We need the roads, right?" a somewhat reasonable person would ask. Most of that stuff is locally paid for - the Fed-gov just likes making the rules of the road, which they enforce by withholding taxpayer money flows back to the states. (That is the subject of an upcoming post on the income tax, long overdue too.) This show of "See, your vacation is ruined! You need us! Fuck you, pay us!" happens every time, and the Lyin Press is, of course, complicit, as Fed-gov is their bread and butter.

Things would be a lot better if the public were more numerate, in general. Imagine if people did understand that the few services that they like are such a tiny part of their tax money. "Oh, can't get into the Air and Space Museum? We can run it with just the taxpayers' dollars spent by "our" Senators and Congressmen on vacations, hookers and blow ... yea! ... and with enough left over for a massive Capitol Christmas tree!"

Ron Paul wrote his column on this government shutdown nonsense, and I noticed it here, on unz.com a few hours after posting the above. Dr. Paul's post is more comprehensive while describing the travesty that is the modern Feral Government, but his 2nd-to-last paragraph matches my point 3 thusly:
The only way average Americans will notice that the government is shut down will be high-profile closures of any national park or other such facility that Americans actually want to visit. That is their way of punishing Americans.
How about that for great minds thinking alike? Or, does, Ron Paul read the Peak Stupdity blog? Hmmmmm....

The Utah spy compound , err, I mean Data Center. Anyone care if we turn this into an outlet mall? I thought not.

* The post office is one of the few offices of government that is actually specified in the founding former rule-of-the-land document. I personally think it functions pretty damn well too.

[Updated 01/23 afternoon:] Added link to Dr. Ron Paul's weekly column, seen since original posting.

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