Homeschooling - poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick - Part 1

Posted On: Friday - January 26th 2018 10:15AM MST
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Stop it - they are learning too much! This is highly irregular!

The Peak Stupidity blog continuously surveils (yes, that's a new word in the US Police State) the horizons for the millions of daily episodes, so you won't have to. Hey, it's who we are, no need for thanks or money. Sometimes it takes pointing out some of the good and smart things people are doing in this world to let us see the stupidity in contrast. This is one such post, so, thought the Educational Stupidity topic key is attached here, we point out the good stuff in contrast.

Because it is the most existential problem facing this country and the western world (containing near-maximum stupidity in this realm), we have concentrated on immigration lots lately, while partially neglecting to post of the topic of Liberty which is a pretty damn good antidote to any kind of stupidity. Liberty and freedom have a way of naturally beating stupid into the ground, This post then, will be about one of the most important freedoms still left in America, damn surprisingly so to me. (Even so, there is still a slight immigration-stupidity aspect to this post at the end [oops, Part 2, I guess - ed.])

The pundit Michelle Malkin can be read all around the web, I guess, and I have not read much at all that I disagreed with. Looks don't seem really too important in the written pundit world, not even in reaching Big Pundit level, cough, Maureen Dowd, cough, cough, as is fine, but Mrs. Malkin is pleasing to the eyes, so she gets on TV too. She is the yellow-feverish man's Ann Coulter, if you will. Her latest column, read here on VDare, is about homeschooling, and Mrs. Malkin practices what she preaches on that. She gives a rough figure of 2 million as the number of American currently homeschooled kids. This is as compared to ~ 50 million kids in the government public schools. 4 % is not negligible in their positive impact on society, but not significant in being able to put a damper yet on the whole Educational-Industrial Complex. Sure, you can read about homeschooling all over, but Mrs. Malkin's article just brought it back to my mind as a VERY important thing. Here are 2 excerpts just to show the state of opposition:
The deep, wide and vast majority of home-schoolers nationwide are loving, excellent and responsible instructors and parents. Yet, public school lobbyists have marginalized them as amateurs, weirdos and menaces who don’t have the intelligence to raise and educate their own children. Democratic legislators in California have sought to undermine home-schoolers’ autonomy with intrusive legislation, such as a bill proposed last fall that would have required parents to allow inspectors to search their residential bathrooms for state-mandated feminine hygiene products for female students.

In New York City, incompetent nanny state bureaucrats have routinely harassed home-schooling families and falsely accused them of “educational neglect” after losing their paperwork. Home-schooling mom of two, Tanya Acevedo, who is suing the Big Apple, told my program how bureaucratic snafus that classified her son as a truant led to a Child Protective Services investigation.
Mrs. Malkin then discusses the opposition to homeschooling using what Peak Stupidity readers would be able to easily pick out as good old anarcho-tyranny.
The idea that there is something especially sinister and crime-enabling about home schooling–The Week’s Damon Linker warned darkly of the “sickening danger of home-schooling,” for example, and NPR invoked the specter of a “cult”–betrays an all-too-common bias against parental autonomy that ignores the government’s own gross misconduct. From coast to coast, child welfare agencies see parental negligence where none exists and conversely ignore abuse when it’s under their employees’ noses. Federal audits of state child welfare bureaucracies in California and Texas last year found rampant failures to detect abuse, investigate allegations and track referrals.

Moreover, sexual abuse scandals have rocked inner-city schools, suburban public school districts and wealthy private schools alike. “In 2014 alone,” according to former federal education official Terry Abbott, “there were 781 reported cases of teachers and other school employees accused or convicted of sexual relationships with students.”
There's one big infotainment story, discussed at the beginning of the article, in which some people got tied up inside the house, whatever ... I'm not a follower. One story gets used in an attempt to clamp down on people that buck the Educational-Industrial Complex, while lots of the terrible stuff that goes on there is overlooked - sound familiar? Oh, notice that NPR is in on the criticism, while being "supported by listeners like YOU".

The reasons for the anger of the establishment about homeschooling and the reason I think it is one of the best ways for American to actually do something to change the quick slide to hell this country is on may have to be Part 2 [Way to miss not get to the point yet! - ed.]. Yeah, I wanted to wrap this one up with these points, but this post is getting long, so Part 2 will be soon in coming.

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