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Posted On: Wednesday - December 21st 2016 7:46AM MST
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This and this post under the topic key Cheap Chinamade Crap may make the reader think that this site is really down on China in general.

I really cannot say that. There is Chinese blood in this writer's family, and I have much respect for the Chinese and their cultural traditions going as far back as the first PoonTang Dynasty (not the TV show with the busty blond, I'm going a little farther back than that). I respect the work ethic of the Chinese and the generally (though changing unfortunately) wise and conservative financial ways, and their amazing ability to get along well even in large crowds, which is pretty much the way they have to live.

The problem, I can foresee, is that any Chinese readers may not get the humor unless they were born here or grew up in this country. I think many, even with a sense of humor, may appreciate different humor than that presented here. In these cases, I won't be able to follow Confucius's advice* to get along with my fellow man harmoniously. Rather than smile at the humorless readers, wish them luck, and go on my way to call them assholes to my friends and family - the Chinese way, I am still under the real American cultural paradigm, which goes: "Fuck you if you can't take a joke! GET! OFF! MY! WEBSITE! BITCH!"

* More about Confucius's ancient Chinese writings in an upcoming post.

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