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Posted On: Tuesday - February 6th 2018 11:50AM MST
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Emily Chang - source of ancient Chinese wisdom

(I doubt she knows a damn thing about finance either,
but she looks cute on TV.)

Back in the fall, the Peak Stupidity blog featured 3 articles (in order, here, here, and here.) on the demographic suicide, as one could rightly call it, of the Western people's or just white people, period.

This is not really Part 4, but as I had intended to write this as of a few days back, a current Steve Sailer post just set me off - in the right direction, I guess(?). The Sailer post is about one author, an Emily Chang, and her book coming out about how computer programming was a women's world back in the 1960's. The author apparently feels that looking at old issues of Cosmopolitan magazine and viewing the "Hidden Agenda" (or is it "Hidden Figures") movie is enough research for such idiocy a thesis.

Miss Chang thinks that it's a tragedy that Silicon Valley is not female dominated:
The tragedy, as I argue in my book, Brotopia, is it didn’t have to be this way. The exclusion of women from technology wasn’t inevitable. The industry, it turns out, sabotaged itself and its own pipeline of female talent.
Hell, they already own Silicone Valley, isn't that enough? Anyway, Peak Stupidity begs to differ in the worst way with this feminist broad:
Nope, that’s not the tragedy. The tragedy is that 50 years of feminism have put our society into a state where someone who states the obvious is considered a reactionary freak.

That’d be yours truly – it’s a tragedy that women lead lives that their bodies and souls were not made for and make men’s lives miserable in the workplace and at home to do it. Women were made to have babies and raise them, and they are happiest when doing so. Men are happier when the women in society are not competing for money, as the men will need it to raise a family or be desirable for starting one. They are happier when their own women are at home taking care of children and all the other stuff that makes it a good home.

Don’t believe women were made for having babies? Ask your penis – it begs to differ.
After that rant, there should be no doubt in the minds of our readers here where we stand on feminism. It has been like an ancient Chinese curse - "May you live in times of great stupidity."

This is the first time I had ever heard of this sage of wisdom shown above. I only mention wisdom at all due to the prevailing belief that there is something in the Chinese culture after 5,000 years of moon cakes and Confucius they'd have to have learned some deep shit by now. I guess not, and to boot, not everyone named Miss Chang is even Chinese.

Alrighty then, this post is NOT the one I had intended to write, but the continuation, along with the tie-in to Western demographic soo-eee-cide will be coming later today.

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